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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

mark. Glossworks SPF 15 Lip Gloss

We all know we should protect our skin from the sun, but how often do we remember our lips? They're easily forgotten, so it's nice when SPF is added into products we're bound to use anyway- like lip gloss- which is exactly what mark. has done with their newest Glossworks Lip Gloss.

They're available in eight shades, of which, I was sent three to try out. Want to know more? Of course you do! Read on...

mark. Glossworks Lip Gloss in Tropical* - brush applicator

'Helps keep lips protected from drying UVA and UVB rays. Glossy colour and brilliant shine that lasts for hours available in eight summer shades! To make lips pop and look luscious, try wearing two shades by applying a darker shade around lip line and filling in with a lighter shade.' - mark.

These glosses are housed in typical tubes, but they have brush applicators opposed to doe foot. I found the brushes weren't the best for applying this gloss as the gloss has a thicker/sticker formula that does't spread all that well with the brush. I've found it's best to remove quite a bit off of the brush before applying and then even it out with my finger once applied.

As mentioned, the formula is a sticky and thick. I don't mind so much, as it gives the gloss a longer wear time, but this is not a gloss for you if stickiness bothers you. Although sticky, it still wears comfortably on, and does last well for quite a few hours. What I particularly like about this gloss is the scent- it has a burnt sugar scent (or roasted marshmallow.... that's up for debate whenever I ask anyone what they think these smell like.) Whatever it is, I like it. There is no taste however.

mark. Glossworks Lip Gloss- Tropical*, Tempest*, and Roseland

Tropical is a vivid tangerine shade in the tube, but it is sheer once on, so it ends up reading as a peachy shade with really fine shimmer. This shade doesn't apply all that well- it ends up being patchy and takes some effort to even it out. I was disappointed that it didn't wear better, as the shade is so great looking in the tube. Still, it's quite shiny and does look nice once you manage to even it out.

Tempest is a punchy red-pink shade with fine shimmer. This shade is quite opaque and applies with ease. So Summery!

Roseland is a rosey-nude with shimmer. Out of the bunch, this shade has the most shimmer, and ended up being my favourite. It's a 'my lips, but better' type of shade and is generally, just really pretty on. Not that I'd know from experience, but I'd say that this would look particularly great on those with a tan.

Overall, if you can get pas the stickier/thicker formula, then these could be your new-best-gloss-friend. I love that they've added SPF 15 to the mix, as it's easy to forget to protect your lips. What do you think of these? Will you be trying them?

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