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Monday, June 24, 2013

Zoya Pixie Dust Summer 2013- Stevie and Solange

I really like Zoya's Pixie Dust nail polishes. Initially, I didn't think that I would, but once I tried Nyx, I was hooked. The sugary looking matte finish is just so pretty!

When promo pictures of the Summer 2013 shades started appearing on blogs, I instantly decided I'd be forced to pick up the sampler (which contains all shades.) But, by the time I got round to that the Fall 2013 promos were out, and I decided I liked those even more. I decided it might be a bit much to buy them all, so I opted for two Summer shades- Stevie and Solange. That way when the Fall shades are available I won't feel so guilty when I haul them all.

Stevie is described by Zoya as being a 'violet sparkle' which it is. It's a cool toned violet with sugary, silver shimmer. This is so pretty! It seemed a bit thin at first, but it did build up to fully opaque with three thin coats.

Solange is described by Zoya as a 'gold metal foil sparkle'. It's a bit different from the other Pixie Dust shades, as it doesn't have the sugary, sparkly thing going on. It still has texture, but it's a sparkly foil. GORGEOUS! and I'm not the biggest gold fan. This applied incredibly easy- 2 coats.

Overall, I'm a total fan of the Pixie Dust formula. Do you like textured polishes? Have you picked up any of the Summer shades?

Music Moment:

I can't help but sing this to myself when I wear Stevie- for pretty obvious reasons.

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