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Sunday, July 21, 2013

mark. coconut treat bath & body collection

Oh, yes! Coconut!

It seems to be a polarizing scent- you either love it or hate it. I happen to lurrrve me some coconut. It could be because of my Caribbean roots- I know, you probably didn't know I was anything other than a mishmash of pale Canadian-ness. For the majority of my life that was what I thought too, but it turns out 1/4 of me is West Indian. You see, my mom was adopted, so she never really knew her roots either, but after a lot of paperwork and waiting she received her non-identifying information. I have to say it was really interesting to know her roots and therefore part of my own. Although, unlike my mom, my skin tone does nothing to prove my island heritage.

All that aside, I really do love my coconut scents, but they can be difficult to get right. Every coconut fan know what I mean, so I was excited to see if mark. could get it right with their Coconut Treat Bath & Body Collection. I have two items- the Three's a Crowd 3-in-1 Body Wash and the Whipped Up Body Butter. Read on!

'A deliciously tropical indulgence, with refreshing coconut water and mandarin mingling with luscious hazelnut and coconut cream.' - mark.

There is nothing to fear here, my coconut loving friends! This scent is nothing but lovely- the main scent is coconut with a slightly nutty creaminess. I don't really detect the mandarin as such, but it could be the note that adds the slight sweetness to this scent. The nice thing about this scent is that it's naturally coco-nutty and not cloyingly sweet making this a really nice summer scent. As much as I do love sweet scents, I don't care to wear anything super sweet when the weather is really warm.

Both products have the same amazing scent which makes them perfect for layering. The body wash can also be used as bubble bath and shampoo, but so far I've only used it as body wash. It's light, but creates a great froth on a pouf and gently cleanses skin. It didn't moisturize, but it didn't strip skin and leaves it lightly scented. The body butter is perfect for the warm days of late as it isn't a really thick, heavy butter- the texture is more like a thick lotion. It absorbs pretty easily/quickly and is nicely moisturizing. It's not as intensely moisturizing as a typical body butter, but when it's so hot and humid I can't stand the feeling of really heavy moisturizers, so I've really been enjoying this for some added hydration.

Overall, if you love coconut then these are definite must haves! The Coconut Treat line also includes a dry oil spray and body mist if you need even more coconut in your life. Are you coco for coconut or do hate it?

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