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Thursday, August 29, 2013

ba star stardust mineral eyeshadow & glitter glue

BA Star has recently reached out to the blogging community via Brand Backer, so it is likely you may have seen a few reviews of their Stardust Mineral Eyeshadows already. I recently took some time to play with the product and have to say I'm quite impressed with it. I have pretty much no experience using shimmer/glitter shadows like this, but, well I'm getting ahead of myself. Read on!

The Stardust Mineral Eyeshadow comes in a little clear pot with a sifter. The product itself is a super glittery white shimmer. The shadow is light and almost fluffy in texture. When applied dry on bare skin you get a smattering of silvery-white shimmer that can really only be described as fairy dust. It's quite reflective and pretty. When applied over the BA Star Glitter Glue you get opaque coverage that reads more metallic and shimmery than glittery.

BA Star Stardust Mineral Eyeshadow- Diamond on bare skin (left) and over BA Star Glitter Glue

The Glue Glue is a clear, well... glue that works to keep the eye products in place. It can be used for any type of shadow, but is especially helpful when applying shimmers and glitters. It's housed in a tube with a sponge tip applicator making it easy to apply on the eye. A little dab is all you need for superior hold that is sweat resistant. I tested the hold on my arm, and after drying, the shimmer and glue combo withheld a rather vigorous rubbing with only minimal wear and tear. Good stuff.

I wasn't sure what how I was going to use the shimmer but I knew I wanted something that could work for day without being too glittery and over the top. I did a mostly matte look with pinks and browns and them applied Diamond Stardust over it. Unfortunately the shimmer doesn't show up all that well in photos (boo!) but in person, the shimmer looks quite stunning. It glows and catches the light without being too out there. I was amazed at how well this sticks onto skin without the glue- it stayed where I applied it and barely any fallout. I used a cotton pad dampened with a little makeup remover and it removed what little bit I did have.

As mentioned, I don't really have any experience with shimmer/glitters shadows like this. I always assumed they were messy and too over the top for me to get much use of, but this shadow is so easy to apply and mess/fallout wasn't much of an issue at all.

In case subtle shimmer isn't your thing, I upped the glitz by applying a little bit of the glitter glue over my existing look and then applied a bit more Diamond Stardust and darkened the crease with more UD Hustle. I thought that I might have issues trying to blend the shimmer with the shadow in the crease, but I was able to blend the edges out nicely. While this is definitely quite shimmery and  reflective, it doesn't read as being overly done and could even be worn during the day.

Overall, I quite liked this eyeshadow. I wouldn't reach for this shade everyday, but I like that it can be used dry to add a subtle shimmer to matte looks. I am interested in trying out other shades- like Deep Plum, Apricot and Chocolate Star- as they look like they could be really gorgeous.

If you're interested in trying these out, BA Star has provided the code BBDUST which will get you 50% off your order. Not bad right?! Have you tried this? Are you a fan of glitter/shimmer shadows? How do you like to use them?

*product provided for review*

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