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Saturday, August 17, 2013

mary kay at play collection- baked eye trios and eye crayons

In my last post, I brought you the lip portion of the Mary Kay At Play Collection (here), so it's only right that I continue with the rest of the collection. Today we'll finish off with the eyes in the form of the Baked Eye Trios and the Eye Crayons. Read on!

'It's all about having options without being overwhelmed. It's lightweight, applies smoothly and blends easily. Three shades create fun, vibrant looks.' -Mary Kay

You want to know what I'm kind of loving? These! I wasn't sure what to expect from MK's baked shadow formula as I've had mixed experiences with baked shadows. Nothing to worry about with these, as these deliver a smooth, pigmented shadow that applies beautifully. They can be applied wet or dry, and while you get great pigmentation dry you do get some fall out (mostly from the shades that have shimmer- not all trios have a shimmer shade) so I've found applying them with a damp brush remedies any mess. The shades in the trios are nicely co-ordinated to produce a fast but gorgeous eye look.

Mary Kay At Play Collection Baked Eye Trio- On the Horizon* applied dry

The On the Horizon Trio has become my favourite- seriously, I've been wearing it everyday. I love the plummy-fuchsia shade, even thought it did initially scare me. Above, I've applied the shades dry on bare lids, but I've been wearing it over MAC Painterly and applied with damp brush. I've found that combo wears amazingly well- all day with no creasing, fading or fall out. These are quite amazing and are a total steal at $12. Do pick one (or all) of them up if you get a chance.

'This creamy crayon strikes the perfect chord of colour and fun. Metallic shades glide on easily with true colour payoff that can be used to shade lids or smudge lash lines with true colour that won't fade.' -Mary Kay

As a fan of MK's cream shadows, I was excited to see how these pencils would fare. They're not too bad, but have some faults. The major one being the fact that they stay creamy. While I was surprised at how well these wore- with only minimal creasing- I prefer a cream base that sets. These apply sheerly, but can easily be built up to a fuller opacity. As mentioned, these do wear quite well on their own, but would also make great based for shadows.

Mary Kay At Play Collection Eye Crayons- Gold Mine* and Green Tea*

I initially wanted to use Gold Mine on over the whole lid with In the Navy smudged out as liner for a quick kind of smoky look, but I've found that these don't apply well over each other. These blend into each other well, just not layered over each other. I wore the above look all day, without primer and found I only had minimal creasing, but had a fair amount of fading.

Overall, the Eye Crayons are okay, but not my favourite. The Baked Eye Trios though.. they're pretty much perfect! I am totally smitten with them. Are you a baked shadow fan? Will you be trying anything from this collection? Do tell!

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