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Thursday, August 15, 2013

mary kay at play collection- jelly lip gloss and lip crayons

If you're in your twenties, you likely associate Mary Kay as being a brand more geared towards an older generation. I know I did for a long time. I now know that they have some pretty fabulous products- hello, have you tried these yet?

Well, the MK team want to change your minds and have created their first collection for a younger generation- Generation Y to be exact. It's made up of a selection of eye and lip products. To keep this post from being incredibly long, I've divided it up into eyes and lips. Lips first!

'Fun, flirty, fabulous makeup for eyes and lips! Now, new Mary Kay At Play colour completes your colour offerings and injects fun and youth in a bold way. This colour collection of easy-to-use products in flirty, fashionable shades allows women to rock out, harmonize or tune in to a colour beat all their own, Mix and match with affordable ease!' - Mary Kay

'Ditch dullness and give your lips some signature shine! Gives a wet lip look with just a kiss of sheer colour.' - Mary Kay

These glosses are sheer but super glossy. They are sticky- not the stickiest I've ever encountered, but still on the sticky side, but not heavy feeling. I can get past a bit of stickiness as long as the gloss isn't heavy and thick feeling. These are light feeling and quite comfortable on. As mentioned, they are sheer, but have enough colour to give lips a tint. They wear for about 2-3 hours, are unscented/ unflavoured and don't dry out lips. 
Mary Kay At Play Collection Jelly Lip Gloss- Teddy Bare*

 Mary Kay At Play Collection Jelly Lip Gloss- Hot Tamale*

 Mary Kay At Play Collection Jelly Lip Gloss- Berry Me*

Mary Kay At Play Collection Jelly Lip Gloss- Crushed Plum* 

'Lip-synch to full-on glossy goodness with this crayon that also can double as a lip liner and lip colour. Delivers high impact colour and has the coverage of a lipstick with the shine of a lip gloss. Buildable shades glide on smoothly.' - Mary Kay

I quite like a lip crayon, and while these do deliver great colour, they do have a few draw backs. All of the shades have a shimmer in them that I'm just not a fan of. There seems to be a bit too much shimmer for my liking, as it sticks around on lips after the colour has worn off leaving you with glitter lips. The formula has a light sweet scent (vanilla-caramel?) but also left my lips feeling dry. The shades are quite pretty- I especially love the golden shimmer in Violet Love, but you're definitely going to want to have a mirror on hand for touch-ups to avoid said glitter lips.

 Mary Kay At Play Collection Lip Crayons- Perfect Pink*

 Mary Kay At Play Collection Lip Crayons- Toasted*

 Mary Kay At Play Collection Lip Crayons- Candied Apple*

Mary Kay At Play Collection Lip Crayons- Violet Love* $12

Overall, I like that Mary Kay is changing things up and reaching out to younger makeup fans in both the reduced pricing and product selection. I wouldn't say either items are must haves, but they're fun additions to any makeup bag and would be great starter items for younger girls.

The At Play Collection is available now! Stay tuned for part two of the collection- eyes- tomorrow! Are you interested in trying any of these items?

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