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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

nivea 2013 skin-dex results

Nivea has been busy- first, they announced that they would be integrating newly designed packaging with a brand new logo (inspired by their iconic blue tin) and structuring. The new design is not only inspired after Nivea packaging of the past, but it's also more environmentally friendly- who can say they don't appreciate that? The new packaging includes larger bottles (saving you a few pennies in the long run too), 15% less plastic- which saves more than 350 tonnes of plastic each year, they've reduced label material by 23% - which reduces the amount of hot foil used by 90%. Those are some pretty impressive stats if you ask me. Good on them, I say.

I wouldn't call myself a numbers type of girl, but I do find statistics to be quite interesting- especially when they're beauty related- so I thought I'd share some of Nivea's 2013 Skin-dex results (along with some mini reviews.) The Skin-dex is an annual study that tracks Canadian's attitudes and perceptions towards their skin and skincare routines. The study polled more than 1,500 Canadians, age 18 and older. It's quite interesting, read on!

 Nivea Extra Nourishing Body Milk* 625ml $9.99

'Enriched with Natural Minerals and Almond Oil, this caring formula provides longer lasting softness, which could mean the end of dry skin forever! Now with New Hydra IQ Technology for 24h moisture for long-lasting soft skin.' -Nivea

Check out the GIANT bottle! As mentioned above, some of Nivea's body care products are now available in 625ml bottles. The price is amazing (they range from $8.99-$9.99) for the amount that you get and this is an excellent moisturizer for anyone with dry skin- it gets a five moisture droplets out of five on the Nivea scale. It feels light but creamy on skin- the consistency is similar to that of a thickened lotion- and absorbs quickly leaving skin instantly moisturized. All in all, it's good stuff.  

Survey Says: The Skin-dex shows that women reign supreme when it comes to skincare attitudes and moisturizing, with 73% stating that caring for their skin is on their priority list, while only 43% of men agree. The stats specific to moisturizing mimic those results with 71% of women moisturizing their face compared to 28% of men. Those stats don't shock me. I don't think I know a single guy who moisturizes their face... not that I haven't suggested it. 38% of men do say they moisturize their hands though, so I guess that's a start.

 Nivea Smooth Replenishing Lotion- Shea Butter* 250ml  Nivea Q10 Firming Body Lotion* 236ml $5.99

'NIVEA body Smooth Replenishing Lotion has been specifically developed to intensively soften and condition dry skin. It's particularly smooth consistency penetrates instantly, leaving your skin feeling amazingly soft.Smooth Replenishing Lotion not only intensively moisturizes your skin but also protects it against harmful external influences.' - Nivea

Another option for dry skin- three out of five on the water droplet scale- with a slightly lighter texture. This lotion feels wetter on skin when first applied (does that make sense?) and takes a moment to absorb, but doesn't have any sort of greasy feel. Skin feels instnatly smooth and hydrated. The scent is more is clean and light- a fair bit lighter than the scent of the Body Milk.

The lightest option of the bunch I have is the Nivea Q10 Firming Body Lotion, at two water droplets on Nivea's scale but is enriched with Q10 and ceratine to improve skin's elasticity which we all loose over time (boo!) This lotion has the same scent as the Smooth Replenishing Lotion but absorbs faster. Skin still feels instantly hydrated, but you can tell it's not as intense as Nivea's other formulas.

Nivea Stress Protect Anti-Perspirant/Deodoant* 43g $4.99 and Nivea Soothing Care Lip Care $1.99

The Skin-dex survey shows that the number one pet peeve when it comes to other people's hygiene and grooming is body odour.  56% cite cite bad scent as their biggest annoyance over bad breath (22%) and even dirty nails (5%). In fact, Canadians agree they would rather go without makeup (29%) or forget to bring their cell phones (21%) than go without wearing deodorant.

Obviously, Nivea has you covered in that area as well. Their Stress Protect deodorant is formulated to provide 48 hour protection against both wetness and oudour, specifically stress induced sweat. Stress sweat can be accompanied by unpleasant body odour (more than your regular sweat) and nobody wants that. This deodorant has a light, slightly fruity, fresh scent and it does deliver great protection.

When it comes to sun protection, 72% cite it as being their top skincare concern. I totally agree with them, but I admit that there is one spot that all too often gets left out of the sun screen party- my lips. They don't always get the protection they need so it's nice to have lip balms/products with SPF in the mix. Nivea Soothing Care Lip Care provides hydration and SPF 20. I love the scent of this! It's got a spicy scent- think spiced cookies type spices- that is really nice.

There you have it! Do your skincare habits align with the survey results? Have a favourite Nivea product? Leave me a comment below!

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