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Sunday, August 4, 2013

pure ice citrus collection

Happy Sunday, everyone!

I've actually never really been a fan of Sundays... I don't really have a reason; they just give me an odd feeling. Anyone else? I did get the chance to swatch some new polishes from the Pure Ice Citrus Collection. Pure Ice is a new brand for me so I was excited to see how it would fare. Read on!

Pure Ice Citrus Collection- Show Stopper*, Excuse Me*, and Can't Stop* 15ml $1.99
'All Pure Ice nail enamels are free of  formaldehyde, toluene and DBP and contain a patented salon long-wear formula for a look that will last. Retailing at only $1.99, these polishes are the perfect way to bring chic looks to the runway your way with out breaking the bank!' - Pure Ice

Pure Ice is a brand I've seen pop up on blogs every now and then but I never knew where it was available from. If you're in the US you likely know it's a Wal-Mart exclusive. I did some Googling and it seems these are also available in Canadian Wal-Marts as well, but I've never seen them in my small town store.

Formula wise, these are pretty great, especially at their $1.99 price point. It did differ from shade to shade but all dried to a super shiny finish. When I first got these I popped on each of the shades for a little wear test and found they resisted chipping for about three days- you'll likely get longer, as it seems everything chips faster on me and I wore them sans topcoat, so that should also prolong wear.

The bottles themselves defiantly do not look or feel like a $1.99 polish. The weighty glass bottles and silver caps have a clean, polished look. The brushes are standard issue, but splay nicely to cover the nail easily. 

 Pure Ice Citrus Collection- Show Stopper*

Show Stopper is described as being a 'primary yellow creme', which it is, but I want to call it lemony too. Yellows usually aren't my first choice, but I kind of love this! It's vivid without being too bright and is just so happy. I used three thin coats, as this shade started out streaky and patchy, but I realized this would apply much easier with thicker coats.

Pure Ice Citrus Collection- Excuse Me*

Excuse Me is described as being a 'sunshine yellow shimmer'. I didn't like this in the bottle at all, but once on I defiantly warmed up to it. The formula was pretty good, if not a bit thin. Three coats shown. There are some visible brush strokes, but nothing extreme as they did look less visible in person.

Pure Ice Citrus Collection- Can't Stop*

Can't Stop is described as a 'rustic orange creme'. I don't quite see the rustic in this shade... it's more of a juicy tangerine and the finish is more like a cream-jelly hybrid (or crelly.) The first coat made me think that this would need quite a few coats for full opacity, but in the end I only needed three. This shade dries to a super shiny finish and has a slight squishy look as well. 

Overall, I am quite impressed with Pure Ice! There is a fourth shade in the Citrus Collection- Drive Me Crazy which is described as being a flame orange creme. Have you tried Pure Ice polishes? Which shades?

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