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Thursday, August 1, 2013

sally hansen sugar coat- razzleberry and lick-o-rich

Don't be alarmed, but the polishes within this post are... NAKED!

Shocking, right? As you can see, these Sally Hansen Sugar Coat polishes are lacking their labels. They were worried about being seen online topless and that they'd been warned polish pervs could be lurking, but I assured them it would be okay. The whole 'we're all just girls' talk and they seemed much more comfortable. So, let's get on to what really matters, their sugary, textured polish insides. Read on for swatches!

Sally Hansen Sugar Coat- Cherry Coat, Lick-O-Rich, Sour Apple, Sweetie, Bubble Plum, Cotton Candy, Razzleberry and Sugar Fix

'Treat your nails to one of this year's sweetest trends with Sugar Coat Textured Nail Colour from Sally Hansen.

A multidimensional formula infused with sugar like texture for a 3D voluminized, colour-saturated nail look. Sally Hansen's latest polish breakthrough leaves nails looking good enough to eat with a sweet sugar dipped effect. The Sugar Coat leaves nails brilliantly varnished with a hard candy finish in rich shades- a sweet treat for nails.The formula applies like a creme and quickly transforms into a sugarcoated, semi-matte finish for a deliciously vibrant manicure.' -Sally Hansen

As with the Fuzzy Coat polishes, these have already been released in the US, but are new to those of us north of the boarder. I was interested in trying these as I've found I quite like the sparkling/glitter texture polishes. While these are shimmer/glitter free, they do have the same type of texture and sugary look.

Formula wise, these apply really easily as long as you apply thin coats. If the coats are too thick, the weight of the polish doesn't allow the 'sugar' to rise to the surface and create texture.

Sally Hansen Sugar Coat- Razzleberry* 11.8ml  $7.95

Razzleberry is a vivid blue. While I love the colour, this stains nails like crazy so be sure to use a coat (or two) of base coat. The texture doesn't look as nice in photos as it does in person, but these do have a sugary look. I wasn't convinced these would look sugary without shimmer/glitter but the effect works without it. These look like they should feel rough, but the texture isn't coarse and is comparable to the other textured polishes I've used. This is two thin coats.

Sally Hansen Sugar Coat- Lick-O-Rich*

Lick-O-Rich is black. Pretty straightforwards, huh? I am currently wearing this and although this is 'just black' I find myself constantly looking at my nails. The texture gives this that something extra. It's simple but interesting at the same time.

Overall, I really like these! The texture works well without shimmer/glitter, which I wasn't sure of. Have you tried these? Are you a fan of textured polishes?

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