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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

yves rocher ultra long-lasting cream eyeshadow

The last few months I've been all about cream shadows. They're just so easy to pop and when you've got the right formula, can last beautifully through the hottest days of Summer. You can see why I was so excited to try these Yves Rocher Ultra-Long Lasting Cream Eyeshadows. Honestly, who can resist a shiny new shadow? Read on to see how they fare!

'Discover an eyeshadow that never gives up, even during your longest days! The Ultra Long-Lasting Cream Eyeshadow - Waterproof, lasts 12h and ensures an ultra-fresh makeup with extreme hold, come rain or shine! Color stays radiant all day long and does not accumulate in the crease of the lids. In perfect harmony with the skin, its ultra-fine pearly cream texture, enriched with illuminating Horse Chesnut Bark extract, gives total comfort. It highlights the eyes and catches light for even more shine, ultimately a radiant look whatever the desire and complexion.' - Yves Rocher

So, my main wish list for a cream shadow consists of a formula that sets, doesn't crease, applies evenly and has descent pigmentation. This checks all the boxes and then some! The Ultra-Long Lasting title is spot on as these set to be completely budge proof and don't flake, crease, fade or smudge until you remove them. Perfection! I've worn them as both bases and on their own, and the wear is as amazing either way.

These are decently pigmented- I say decently, because you do loose a little bit when you blend them. I've found the best approach is to apply a light layer, blend out the edges and then apply a second layer to add the lost pigmentation back and use a finger. It seemed like I lost the most pigmentation when I used a brush. Go figure... These don't dry too fast- you have enough time to work with them- which is great because you really can't do anything once these set. They're not going anywhere.

The packaging resembles a lip gloss, as does the applicator as it's a sponge tip, but it's shape it what makes it more eye appropriate. It's tapered, which means that it works perfectly to easily cover the lid and apply the shadow as liner on the lower lash line.

Nude is a golden champagne shade. A staple shade, similar to Maybelline Colour Tattoo in Barely Branded (review).

Mercury is a bronzey-brown shade.

Bronze is not bronze at all, but an antique golden-olive shade. I love this shade of green for eyes as it's green, but still neutral.

Turquoise is a deep, lush turquoise that is more natural in tone than the typical bright shades of turquoise. 

Yves Rocher Ultra-Long Lasting Cream EyeShadow- Nude and Plum

Purple is a light violet shade.

Purple Blue is a pale indigo shade. A great shade for brown eyed girls, but unfortunately the shade that does loose a fair bit of pigmentation when applied. Urban Decay Blue Bus (Book of Shadows vol.4) is a great shade to pair with it though.

Plum is a deep purple shade with a slight red undertone.

Dark Brown is a deep brown with a slight golden tone.

Yves Rocher Ultra-Long Lasting Cream EyeShadow- Nude and Purple Blue

Overall, I have to say that I don't mind these... The fact that they wear so well is amazing. They'd be absolutely perfect if they didn't loose pigmentation when applied- but they're perfect to apply for a fast wash of colour and they can easily be layered. Are you a cream shadow fan? Have you tried these?

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