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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

japoneque power curl lash curler

Today I spent a large part of my day organizing post for your lovely faces. I laid everything out and started planning and photographing away. But, I didn't plan anything for today... blogger fail? Maybe?

I do like to have a few 'emergency' posts laying in wait for moments like this (also good on the days you have zero ambition but are determined to get something done.) Emergency posts are usually something simple like a NOTD, quick review, or a product I know and love that won't take much to throw up (ahem, bad choice of words there...) Today brings us the Japonesque Power Curl Lash Curler which took my heart by storm last month. Read on to see what makes it so special.

'The innovative design of the JAPONESQUE® Power Curl Eyelash Curler creates a sweeping, eye opening curl with ease. Precision crafted of high quality stainless steel, the unique pivot design applies a consistent, straight-line pressure on the lash for flawless results every time. Additional features include a contoured cage and silicone pad.' - Japonesque

Everyone knows the difference a curled lash can make, but I'll admit that for a long time it was a step I tended to skip. All of the curlers I'd used either pinched or just didn't do all that much, so I was kind of 'meh' about the whole deal. Then I tired a cheapie plastic one and fell in LOVE with it. I bought a few more for backups since they were plastic on plastic I knew they wouldn't last long. Then they were on sale, so I bough a few more. I really liked them. The problem was the design was different on the third batch of them and they just didn't cut it. Ugh. Back to square one.

I had decided it was time to shell out for the big guns. You know what I mean, this guy. Buuut, I saw Japonesque's Power Curl mentioned in a Youtube video and I was completely intrigued. You see, the fact that the joint-mechanism is on the opposite side of your basic curler (see photo above) really spoke to me. I I liked the idea of not having to have it against my face. You know?

This curler curls like a dream! The pressure is even, giving you a uniform curl across your entire lash line and all without having to squeeze for days. The curler is light weight and comfortable in hand. The mechanism glides smoothly and easily and just feels well made. It's a complete winner!

I ♥ it

Overall, if you've been hunting for a new lash curler that works well- amazingly, actually- and doesn't break the bank do go for this curler. You really can't beat it and Japonesque offers free replacement pads for the life of the curler. It really is a great little gadget! Do you curl your lashes? Have a favourite lash curler?

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