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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

make up for ever artisan brushes- 220 small shader

I think brushes are my new lip gloss.

What I mean by that is that I seem to have the same affliction I once had with lip gloss- I just can't pass them up. If I see brushes I have to have at least one. Sure, I have enough, but what really is enough? Can you ever have too many brushes? I'm not sure you can. The newest brush to join my collection is from the new Make Up For Ever Artisan Brush range. It's small and rather uninteresting brush- if we're being honest- but it's become a fast favourite. Read on to see why!

'This small, firm brush has a flat, round head for generous product application. It can be used to deliver even, intense color to the eyelids, and features straight fibers for use with creams, as well as loose and pressed powders.' - MUFE

So, this flat little brush is designed for use with both powder and cream eye products, but I find that it works best with creams. It's okay for powder, but it's just not quite what I prefer.

Although I use some sort of cream product on my eyes everyday- either a primer or base- I've yet to find a brush that I really love for application. Some are too big or don't pick enough product up... it's always something, but this brush ticks all the boxes for me. It picks up cream shadows with ease and allows product glide on easily. It's not the best for blending out the edges, but honestly, I tend to use my finger for that job anyway.

Overall, this is a really handy brush to add to your stash. Can you resist picking up brushes? Have you tried any of these brushes? Thoughts?

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