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Friday, October 11, 2013

mark snowdrop flower bath & body collection

In Canada you try not to talk about snow too early- you don't want to go jinxing it- because winter is long enough as it is. But, sometimes it just has to be done, like in the case of mark. Snowdrop Flower Bath & Body Collection. The trio of products I have for review today all share the newest mark. scent that's sure to make even the worst snow storm a little bit more pleasurable. Read on!

 mark. Snowdrop Flower Bath & Body Collection- Whipped Up Body Butter*, Three's a Charm 3-in-1 Body Cleanser* and Get Misty Body Mist*

mark. Snowdrop Flower Get Misty Body Mist* 145ml $14

'The essence of a winter wonderland, with shimmering florals, chilled fruits and warm, spicy amber all cozying up to each other.' - mark.

While the whole collection has the same Snowdrop Flower scent, it really shines in the body mist. I never know what to expect from 'fruity/floral' scents as that seems to be the most commonly used description for scents, but this is a really nice scent. It's a sweet floral- the chilled fruits aren't describable as such, but do give the scent it's sweetness. The shimmering florals seem to include iris- I am no floral expert, but I can detect it. The amber rounds out the scent nicely and gives the scent warmth and stops it from being too light and sweet. I like that the scent has enough depth to work for a cooler season without being too heavy.

 mark. Snowdrop Flower Three's a Charm 3-in-1 Body Cleanser* 180ml $10.00

The Three's a Charm Body Cleanser is the perfect way to layer your scent and provides a nice lather when used on a pouf. It can also be used as bubble bath and shampoo- a great way to have lovely scented hair- and even works as a great hand soap in a pinch. The scent has more of the chilled fruit notes than the body mist and does leave skin lightly scented.

mark. Snowdrop Flower Whipped Up Body Butter* 200ml $12

Who doesn't love a little body butter? The Whipped Up Body Butter is the perfect way to give your scent a boost and hydrate. Rich in vitamins and skin conditioners, this medium consistency butter leaves skin feeling smooth and moisturized. It absorbs quickly and cleanly- no residue or stickiness- and has the same Snowdrop Flower scent.

Overall, I have to say that I quite like the Snowdrop Flower scent. The body mist is my must have item of the collection as you get the most of the scent, but you really can't go wrong with any of the items. The collection also includes Just Buffing It- a body exfoliator ($12) and Hand it Over hand cream ($4). If you're looking to update your fall/winter scent without spending a bundle this could be the one for you. Have you tried this scent? What's your favourite scent for cooler months?

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