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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

skin&co roma truffle body milk & sicilian body gel and lotion

Let's try this again...

I just published this with no intro, but I totally thought I'd written one so clearly had a mini panic wondering where it went. It turns out things show up better when you've actually added them to the post. Who knew?

Today's post feature's Skin&Co Roma, which is a new brand to me but one that I kind of which I'd known about a lot sooner. You know when you try something and can't help but wonder how you lived for so long without it? Yeah, it's kind of like that. Read on!

'The ultimate body moisturizer. Wind, wave, sun are no match for this product. Put it on and any dry feeling is totally gone. Top ingredients combine to make this lotion the uber product that it is. Created to be food for your skin, it is rich in anti-oxidants, vitamins and acids essential for skin health. Truffle extract stimulates the the production of SOD or Superoxide Dismutase, which destroy free radicals and has an anti-oxidant, anti-aging effect. The olive oil and shea butter in the formula create an intensive moisture treatment. Also contains argan oil that softens the skin and prevents sagging and aging of the skin. And lastly sodium hyaluronate to brighten and keep your skin firm. There really is nothing like it on the market. Truffles for the skin are a major luxury. You deserve it' - Skin&Co Roma

One word to describe the Truffle Body Milk? Decadent. First the scent, it's a warm, slightly musky with notes of shea butter and a light hint of olive oil that makes for one sexy scent. Add to that a creamy texture that absorbs quickly and leaves skin feeling satiny smooth and you have one decadent product. It's so moisturizing that you can skip a few days- although, it's so nice to apply you won't want to- and leaves skin feeling so soft you won't want to stop touching it. Because you won't. Honest.

'The sexy shower is here. There is nothing quite like the scent of our Sicilian Orange Body Wash. Nothing. Cleanses and hydrates your skin with a light foaming action. Contains organic olive extract which will sooth and soften the skin. Also contains Sicilian orange that has antioxidant properties that promote youthful skin while removing toxins and restoring balance to any type of skin.' - Skin&Co Roma

Take your ideas of orange scents and put them aside- this is the sexy, classy orange, that almost doesn't smell like orange at all. The scent of the Sicilian Body Gel is sexy with a slightly musky note and warm orange. You really need to smell it to understand how amazing it is. The shower gel itself is perfect in the fact that it foams nicely on a pouf and leaves skin feeling thoroughly cleansed but not tight or stripped. A definite winner.

'A refreshing yet sophisticated scent. So delicious. The body lotion with a little Va-Va-Voom. You might get a little heady. You or your date. Your skin will drink it right in and the vitamin C will do wonderful things for your skin. The orange extract in this lotion is full of natural Vitamin C, famous for its ability to sooth, protect and renew skin. We’ve also added some almond oil to super charge the moisturizing quality of the formula, and some witch hazel extract that has anti-reddening properties, and calendula to refresh the epidermis. Also our olive oil extract, which is unmatched in its soothing effect on the skin. Doing something healthy for your skin never felt so sexy.' - Skin&Co Roma

This scent is hands down amazing... sexy really does sum it up well. The Sicilian Body Lotion scent is the similar to that of the body gel, but it's a little less intense and creamier. The lotion is thicker than what I expect from a lotion, but light feeling on skin. i found it takes a moment to absorb, but does so without any residue or greasy/sticky feel left on skin. The scent lingers on skin nicely and lasts for the better part of the day.

Overall, I have to say I am really impressed by these products. The scents aren't what I would normally choose for myself, but I am completely smitten with them and have been asked what I was wearing. Skin&Co Roma is avilable from The Shopping Channel and directly from Skin&Co Roma website. Have you used any products from this brand? Do scents make you more likely to try new products?

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