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Monday, November 25, 2013

avon perfect eyebrow kit

I love that eyebrow items are more commonplace than waaay back in the day- okay, not that long ago, but whatever. When I was getting into makeup I missed the eyebrow memo. I knew the basics of plucking, but the whole idea of filling them in and grooming them as part of my daily routine was a class I missed. It didn't help that mid-level brands didn't have neat little kits to make everything all that much easier, like the new Perfect Eyebrow Kit from Avon.

Avon Perfect Eyebrow Kit- Dual Ended Angle Brush

Each kit has the tools you need to fill in and set your brows including powder, wax, and a dual ended brush. I found the brush was too firm to work well with the powder- it just kind of sliced through it- but they did work well with the wax.

Avon recommends using the wax first- whaaat?- to groom brows and then apply the powder, but I do the opposite and it works just fine. The wax is great- I actually like it better than my Smashbox wax as it has a more natural feel on the brow while still keeping everything in place. The powder works well to fill in brows with a natural look. Both shades I was sent- Blonde and Deep Brown (which is very deep- great for those with black hair) have an ashy tone. I found that when combined with the wax, I was able go all day with perfect brows and didn't experience any smudging, flaking, or general mishaps.

Avon Perfect Eyebrow Kit- Blonde* and Deep Brown*

Overall, I there is nothing not to love when it comes to these kits- oh, did I mention that they even have a mirror? And are also available in Auburn and Soft Brown? 'Cause they do/are. Everything you need in one little compact and you've got yourself perfect brows! Have you tried these? What's your current favourite brow product?

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