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Monday, November 18, 2013

clarins be long mascara & 3-dot liner

If you were to ask beauty fans what some of their must have eye products are, I'd bet it's safe to say a good mascara and black liner are going to be on that list time and time again. Of course a good mascara is a must- long, full, fluttery lashes? Yes, please! And a black liner... well that just goes without explanation, does it not? Clarins has you covered in both departments with their Be Long Mascara and 3-Dot Liner which both promise longer lashes with use.

 Clarins 3-Dot Liner* and Be Long Mascara*

'This season's most-wanted mascara takes skimpy lashes and makes them long and lush. Clarins' new growth-activating formula, Be Long Complex, makes all the difference. After four weeks of use, lashes increased in length by an average of 1.1mm during a test conducted with 33 women for four weeks (Measurements performed on bare lashes. Average result.). Clarins' exclusive applicator brush sees that no lash goes unnoticed—even the teensiest.'

As mentioned above, both products (Clarins Be Long Mascara and 3-Dot Liner) contain a growth formula which claims to make lashes longer after a mere four weeks of use. Now, I haven't used these products long enough to know if these claims are attainable and 1.1mm isn't going to be that easy to notice, but it would be nice to get even a little more lash, right? Only time will tell.

The first thing I noticed about Clarins Be Long Mascara is that the brush is quite small- it's one of the smallest mascara brushes I've ever used, actually. As you can see above, compared to my pinky finger, the brush is tiny. The small stature of the brush does work to make it all that much easier to reach every lash- including the wee tiny bottom lashes- and not get mascara in spots you don't want it. The mascara itself, had the perfect consistency straight out of the tube (as oppose to being too wet when first used) and instantly delivered long lashes. With one coat, my lashes were really long and defined, but not as volumized as I look for. Once I added a second coat, lashes were a little longer, but definitely thicker as well, giving me the volume I was after without loss of definition (ie. no clumping!) I wore this on both uncurled and curled lashes (uncurled in photos below) lashes just too see how it would work out, and found that it did provide a little curl on uncurled lashes, and does hold a curl quite well on curled lashes.

I found that this mascara wore really well throughout the day (about 8 hours) but I did notice a bit of flaking around the outer eye area when I was about to remove it. I didn't notice that it had flaked throughout the day- and I was looking- so I can't really complain about minor flaking at the end of the day. Also, this removed quite easily with remover, so no worries about hard to remove mascara. Always an added bonus!

 Wearing Clarins 3-Dot Liner* and Be Long Mascara*

'Clarins' revolutionary three-prong tip eyeliner pen gives you precision control for a flawless effect. The applicator fills in the spaces between each lash, dot-by-dot, to accentuate and add volume to lashes. Clarins' new Be Long Lash Complex lengthens and strengthens lashes and boosts lash growth.'

Black eyeliner... it's really a remarkable thing. It can be bold, smoky, thick or thin and when applied just so, look like it's not even there while making eyes look bigger and lashes look miles long. Clarins 3- Dot Liner is perfect for just that. Liquid liner can be annoying. Even if you've got a steady hand and know what you're doing, it can still go wrong. Really wrong. You know what I mean.

With the three prong tip of this liner, you can get the liner incredibly close to your lash line and create a super thin line with easy. Since you can just dot it on- opposed to drawing it on- you really don't need any skill. Once you've dotted it on, you can go back over the line with the tip to fill in any gaps and/or make the line thicker. I love that by using the edge of the tip differently, you can create a thicker or thinner line with ease. Since you can create such a fine line, this is even great for use on the lower lash line, which is something most liquid liners aren't so great for.  The line is a matte black that isn't too intense, but still perfectly opaque. I found the liner really bled when I swatched it, but I didn't have an issue with it bleeding when used on my eyes. This liner lasted brilliantly all day without smudging, peeling, or wearing away, making it pretty much perfect!

Overall, I have been loving both of these products. Anyone who has ever struggled to apply liquid liner definitely needs the 3-Dot Liner in their lives, but, that said, it's even as must have for steady hands because it's just so easy to apply. Have you tried either of these products? Do you have a favourite Clarins product? Do tell!

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