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Saturday, November 30, 2013

nails inc. porchester square and cherry road

Last month while rushing through Shoppers Drug Mart (I was only supposed to be picking up a parcel at the postal outlet) but I had to pass by my two favourite spots- the $20 perfumes and the clearance table. I have had amazing luck finding some great marked down items in the past, but was really surprised to find a bunch of Nails Inc. polishes- mainly because I didn't even know Shoppers sold them. When I was back in last week, with more time to browse, I made sure to look, and did in fact find Nails Inc. Very exciting!

 Nails Inc. Porchester Square and Cherry Road 

Other than one of the Nails Inc. Diet Coke polishes I got in an international swap, I didn't have any Nails Inc. shades in my collections, so, it only made sense to star with Porchester Square. It's what the brand calls a 'Hero Shade' as it's one of the brands most popular shades. You're probably already familiar with this putty gray- tuape shade, but it's just so perfect. The formula applied with two easy coats and dried to an incredibly shiny finish.

Nails Inc. Cherry Road (from Special Effects Sprinkle Collection) 10ml $11.50

Cherry Road was my clearance section selection- $3? Sure, I might be persuaded to take at least one...- and is from the limited edition Sprinkes Collection. Cherry Road has a sheer lavender base and is packed with silver and blue hex glitter. The first coat made me wonder if it would ever build up to opaque, but luckily a second coat was all it took. The overall look is cute and I am quite pleased with how smooth the finish was on the nail for a glitter polish.

I have a feeling I'll be passing by the Nails Inc. display again on my next Shoppers visit... Do you have any Nails Inc. shades that you love?

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