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Monday, December 16, 2013

clarins eye quartet mineral palette | 11 forest

Today was a pretty great day- I shoveled my front path, okay that wasn't so great, but it had to be done. I made some pumpkin brownies, which are amazing! Just two ingredients too- pumpkin and cake mix. I took a nap, as one does after spending the morning freezing in the cold and now I get to tell you all about Forest a new addition to the Clarins Eye Quartet Mineral Palette line up.

'Highly concentrated in mineral pigments, these eye shadows light up all eyes. Their wet and dry texture is extremely soft on application. Easy to blend and shade, their colours are both subtle and even. Harmonies of satin and iridescent shades offer a variety of effects. For a superb, long-lasting make-up result.' - Clarins

Clarins Eye Quartet Mineral Palette can be used both wet or dry, but I found pigmentation to be quite impressive when used dry, so I haven't even tested these wet. Blogger fail?

Anyhow, I've really loved using these shadows. As mentioned they have great pigmentation - for the most part, more on that in a moment- and an interesting texture. The deepest shade, has an almost creamy consistency, it applies normally, but doesn't quite feel like a powder. All four shades are housed in the classic gold Clarins compact. It's weighty and just feels classy in your hand. Complete with a full mirror and red velvet pouch it's got the feel of a higher end product and would make a very thoughtful gift for any makeup lover in your life. Or, yourself... I won't tell.

I've found that these shadows wear really well, as they last a full day- over primer- without fading or creasing. After eight hours these look just as good as when you applied them.

Clarins describes Forest as being a palette of 'autumn hues' which I guess works, but that makes me envision redder, orangey tones, so I would say it's more earthy in tone with all the shades have a green element in the mix. I'd say it's the perfect green palette for those who only wear neutrals.

The first shade is a medium depth, golden olive with a stain finish. It's a super smooth shadow and applies so beautifully. You know when you get a shadow that you could just put on all day? This is it. The second shade is a little different than the others in the palette as it's not quite an eyeshadow on it's own. Clarins describes it as a 'beige illuminator' which works to describe it perfectly. It's a sheer, golden beige glitter, that has a dry texture, but applies with little to no fall out. I didn't think I'd like the texture when worn with the other shades in this palette, but it works and really catches the light beautifully. This shade would work well over other shadows to add sparkle and dimension. The third shade is a deep, blackened green with bronze shimmer. This shade is incredibly pigmented and you only need the smallest amount. The last shade is a brown toned, golden taupe with an almost metallic finish. It adds a warm glow to the overall look when used in the crease.

For the above, I used the first shade on the inner third of the lid, shade three on the mid-outer third with the last shade through the crease. I used the sheer shimmer shade (shade two) on the brow bone and on the inner corner. Everything was applied over MAC Painterly Paint Pot and finished with Clarins Instant Liner in 01 Black* and Clarins Be Long Mascara*.

Overall, I have to say that I am kind of obsessed with this palette. I don't tend to wear a lot of green shadow- although I do love it- so this has been in heavy rotation recently. Are you a fan of Clarins shadows? Which palette?

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