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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

lush holiday 2013

Today was a total snow day- seriously, I couldn't see across the street- so I spent the day catching up with photos and inadvertently spending a few hours browsing the Lush website. I was only supposed to be getting sizes and prices of the goodies you'll see below, but they've got so much holiday stuff I got side tracked. If you're still looking for gifts, Lush has got you covered. Read on for a few ideas to get you started!

Red lips are pretty standard for this time of year, but the limited edition Lush Santa Baby Lip Tint does things a little differently than your average lipstick. Formulated with fair trade shea butter and cocoa butter to moisturize and date and cherry extracts blended to give this a cola scent- it smells amazing!- this gives lips a bright red tint that lasts for hours.

I am, admittedly not a huge fan of rose scented products, but I LOVE the scent of Lush's Rose Jam- also limited edition for this holiday season. The scent is not just rose, but it's a blend of rose, vanilla and lemon which combines to create a sweet, citrusy, floral that is completely refreshing and feminine. The scent reminds me of something, I just can't seem to pin point exactly what... The 100ml bottle is the perfect size to tuck into a stocking too!

Have you ever wanted to bathe in a giant vat of orange juice? No? Well, in case you're fibbing, Lush has you covered with their Orange Jelly Soap which has the most amazing orange juice scent. I seriously can't stop sniffing it! Formulated with freshly squeezed orange juice and Brazilian orange oil and topped with orange slices it's sure to brighten any winter shower; just don't try to eat it...

Another delectible scent from the Lush folk- this time it's the honey- toffee scent from Honey I Washed the Kids in bath bomb form. Bath bombs are quickly becoming my favourite Lush products as they're just so much fun and leave skin feeling nicely conditioned but don't make the tub too slippery. Shoot for the Stars brings extra fun to bath time as it's not only cute on the outside, but it also has a 'luster core' that emits shimmer and sparkle along with pink, purple and silver swirls! Not even the grinchiest on your list could resist that.

Almond fans this one is for you. I believe there are far too few almond scented products, but Lush Buche de Noel makes up for it (a bit) with it's delicious almond scent. Of course, you'd be almond scented too if you were made up of ground almonds- which work to gently exfoliate. The mix also includes almond oil and seaweed to nourish and moisturize along with satsuma orange, brandy and dried cranberries. I am prone to dull skin, especially in the winter, but the almonds in this cleanser work to remove dry and dead skin while being gentle enough to use everyday. Good stuff!

The cutest of the bunch is up last, but definitely not least... Just look at that cute little guy! His nose took a little bit of a beating in transit, but is otherwise all good. Scented with Lush Olive Branch scent (olive oil, mandarin and bergamot) he smells amazingly. To me, it's a warm, almost spiced scent that is perfectly festive. Just crumble this little guy under water for a tub full of bubbles.

The above was just a teensy sampling of the holiday selection available now at Lush so they truly are a great destination for holiday shopping. I don't think anyone would be disappointed with a few Lush goodies. To make things even easier on you, Lush is currently offering free shipping and a $10 e-gift card if you spend $100 or more, awesome no? Act fast thought as the promotion does end tomorrow (Dec. 12th) Have you tried any of these? What are your favourite Lush holiday products? 

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