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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

avon wrapped in velvet eyeshadow palettes

A new year should equate a fresh start, but a quick glance at my photo files and I've realized I still have a lot of 2013 left to blog. Two of such items are Avon Wrapped in Velvet Eyeshadow Palettes in Crushed Velvet and Velvet Smoke. I'll admit that I wasn't expecting much from these initially, they just didn't look like anything all that exciting, but in true don't judge a book by its cover form they ended up being pretty amazing.

 Avon Wrapped in Velvet Eyeshadow Palette- Crushed Velvet* and Velvet Smoke*  0.72g $12.99

Avon Wrapped in Velvet Eyeshadow Palettes consist of four satin-shimmer shades and one matte liner shade housed in a super-slim compact. The compact is lightweight as it doesn't contain a mirror, but does include a dual ended sponge tip applicator. Now, I know we all tend to toss these, but they do work well for these as the texture is a little bit different than your average shadow. The texture is a cream-powder hybrid that is a bit difficult to pick up with a fluffy style brush. A more dense type brush works well, or something that works with cream formulas picks these up perfectly. I like to use the Real Techniques Shading Brush. 

The shadows are amazing pigmented- even the matte liner shades- and apply and blend easily. They were best over a primer, as I found them to crease without one. With a primer these wear a full eight hours.

 Avon Wrapped in Velvet Eyeshadow Palette- Crushed Velvet* 

Crushed Velvet is the warmer palette of the two consisting of peachy nudes and plummy shades.

 Avon Wrapped in Velvet Eyeshadow Palette- Velvet Smoke*

Velvet Smoke is the cooler palette, with a mix of pale icy shades, a mossy-brown and a metallic sea-foam shade that is quite stunning.

Avon Wrapped in Velvet- Crushed Velvet*

Overall, these are really great palettes. I love how thin they are, which makes them perfect for adding into a makeup bag. The shades in each palette work perfectly to create a coordinated look that's more interesting than your average monotone palette. Have you tried these palettes? Thoughts?

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