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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

emjoi micro pedi

Have you left your house in the last 48 hours or are you stranded in a sea of white?

I happen to be stranded, and it actually looks like it's getting worse instead of better. There are currently two guys on the roof clearing snow, so it's really piling up. My little town was a complete snow-mageddon yesterday, with most of the roads closed due to sky high snow. It seemed like a good day to stay in, cozied up with movies and do a bit of blogging right? No. Most of my modern technologies are powered via satellite, which don't always play nice during storms. Safe to say, I didn't get much done other than try out an incredible little gadget that is the Emjoi Micro Pedi. Read on for the 411!

'The MICRO Pedi is a safe, smooth and professional at-home pedicure system which works on all areas of your feet removing the rough, hard skin safely and quickly, leaving your feet feeling soft and looking like you just stepped out of a spa. The MICRO Pedi is ideal for smoothing dry, rough, hard skin on the feet. The unique roller spins 360 degrees, 30 times per second.'

I think it's also safe to say most of us- at least those of us who reside in cold, winter snow-hells wonderlands- that cold does a number on skin. It seems that as soon as that cool September air rolls in and heating goes on, any moisture in my skin disappears. Nod if you feel me. While dry skin in general can be dealt with, it's feet that really take the brunt of the abuse. I think part of it is because we just don't see our feet for months on end. They go from socks to boots to socks to slippers and into warm beds day in, day out. For good reason mind you- it's too damn cold to have them out and about.

My feet get dry easily, but- warning foot talk will commence... now- they also are prone to calluses. Ugh. Not what anyone wants to see. I've tried so many different products to get rid of calluses or prevent them it's crazy. Some work, but a lot don't or just take so much time and effort you end up not using them at all. The Emjoi Micro Pedi is so NOT that product. It works and it works amazingly well with the most minimal amount of effort. It's seriously amazing! 

The idea of the Micro Pedi is pretty simple- it's basically a battery powered pumice stone. You simply pass it over dry, callused areas and it buffs away all the bits you need removing but does all the work for you. It takes two AA batteries- they fit into the bottom of the handle- and is water resistant for easy cleaning with the included brush. The buffing roller pops out using the button on the side of the device- again, for easy cleaning, nobody likes foot dust- and to replace it when it gets worn down. I love that you can replace the rollers! The whole device isn't heavy, and fits into hand easily. It's designed to fit either hand, which comes in handy when trying to get to every angle of your feet.

Overall, I absolutely love this gadget! It works, and does so with ease and is something that you'll actually use because. I love that results are immediate too- there is nothing better than instantly seeing your once rough, dry feet be magically smooth. The Emjoi Micro Pedi is available from in Canada from Shopper's Drug Mart and online directly from the Micro Pedi site. Have you ever tried any foot gadgets like this? Yay or nay?

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