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Friday, January 10, 2014

kiss gradation polishes

I love the idea of nail art. See the key word in that sentence? Idea. I have a drawer full of dibs and dabs for making a basic paint job that bit more unique, but most of the time I just don't have or make the time to use them. I think we all end up doing our nails late the night before and just getting it on the nail and dry before crashing is a victory in it's own right. Admit it, you've been there. Kiss has recently released Gradation Polishes which include everything you need to create an a perfect ombre manicure. It's super trendy, and better yet, super fast! Read on!

 Kiss Gradation Polishes- Exposure* and Film Noir* $14.99

'Specially formulated, monochromatic polishes with hints of shimmer help colors blend to create a gradation of shades, resulting in the trendy ombre look.'

The specially formulated polishes come three to a set- a base colour, a tip colour, and a glitter to smooth everything out- are perfect for anyone looking to create a fast and easy ombre look. The sets come in four shades- Exposure (gold), Film Noir (black), Big Break (blue), and Freeze Frame (pink) so there is something for every taste.

These are incredibly easy to use, making these great for anyone terrified of nail art that might require any actual skills- if you can paint your nails, then you can totally manage with these. It's as simple as applying two coats of the base colour and letting it dry. Then you apply the tip colour to the, well... tips of your nails and follow with the glitter and that is it. The final look is a monochrome ombre that only looks like it took a ton of time.

While The polishes are formulated to blend together, the the glitter also helps blur the line and make the ombre look smoother. I found that the gold set- Exposure- blended better on the nail then the black set- Film Noir. I found that the transition between the shades with Film Noir was more defined when I first tried these, so I would recommended taking more effort to blend these on the the nail when applying the tip colour.

 Kiss Gradation Polishes- Exposure* 

 Kiss Gradation Polishes- Film Noir*

Overall, I think these sets are an amazing idea! They're quick and easy and produce a great effect. Are you a fan of the ombre look? Tried these or want to?

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