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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

opi gwen stefani collection swatches

Happy 2014, everyone! This post was supposed to be my last post of 2013, but that obviously didn't happen. I don't mind though, as the OPI Gwen Stefani Collection seems like a pretty fitting way to start the year, because, hello, what could be better than nail polish? OPI nail polish at that. Read on! 

 OPI Gwen Stefani Collection- Over & Over A-Gwen, Hey Baby, and I Sing in Colour

OPI Gwen Stefani Collection- Love, Angel, Music, Baby, 4 in the Morning, and In True Stefani Fashion

Inspired by the 2013 Metropolitan Museum Costume Institute Gala that featured the theme “Punk: Chaos to Couture,” OPI Executive VP and Artistic Director Suzi Weiss-Fischmann decided to create a collection of lacquer celebrating the role of music as a major influence in fashion. “With her expertise as a singer, songwriter and designer, who better to collaborate with than Gwen Stefani?” asks Weiss-Fischmann. “Known for her trademark red lips, bold eye makeup and nail art, Gwen uses beauty to accessorize her style.”- OPI

This collection features seven shades- yes, I'm short one. Photos of Push and Shove, a chrome, which comes with a mini bottle of Lay Down the Base base coat weren't available at the time I received the press information. You'll also notice my press samples don't feature the shrink wrapped caps, but they will be on bottles when the collection is launched sometime this month (January 2014).

OPI Gwen Stefani Collection- Love, Angel, Music, Baby* 15ml $10.95

Love, Angel, Music, Baby is a soft, shimmering gold with a semi-matte satin finish. This is a new finish from OPI that was previously released with the Miss Universe Collection in the form of This Gown Needs a Crown. While I'm not a huge fan of mattes on their own, I have to say I LOVE this finish. It has a soft texture, really lets shimmers to pop, and wears quite well. The formula seems thin, but it covers opaquely in two coats with a fast dry time.

OPI Gwen Stefani Collection- Over & Over A-Gwen* 15ml $18.95

Over & Over A-Gwen is a classic lipstick red, which is perfectly fitting as it is inspired by Gwen's signature red lipstick. This shade is only available as part of a boxed set- which reflects the higher price tag- that includes Swarovski black crystals and silver, gold and pewter studs in bar, square, diamond and circle shapes for creating unique nail designs, as well as nail glue for easy application.

The formula is thin, but it flows onto the nail beautifully and has an almost jelly like quality. Because of this, I thought it would require extra coats for full opacity, but in the end I only needed two. I also happened to have this song in my head the whole time I was swatching. So catchy. 

OPI Gwen Stefani Collection Over & Over A-Gwen* vs Nicole by OPI Carrie Underwood Collection American As Apple Pie*

When I received the Gwen Collection polishes, I also got a few of the upcoming Nicole by OPI Carrie Underwood Collection shades- swatches soon- and couldn't help but notice that American As Apple Pie seemed incredibly similar to Over & Over A-Gwen. Indeed, the shades are remarkably similar, but American As Apple Pie does lean just slightly- seriously, we're talking minutely- brighter and contains a small amount of hidden shimmer. The shimmer isn't readable on nails, but it is there upon close inspection.

OPI Gwen Stefani Collection- I Sing in Colour* 15ml $10.95

I Sing in Colour is a deep, blackened plum. It reads pretty close to black, but does hint at plum around the edges and in brighter lighting. This shade has the same thin, yet easy to apply formula as Over & Over A-Gwen and only took two coats for full opacity.

Overall, there are some great shades in this collection although they're not all that unique. Love, Angel, Music, Baby is a standout for me, as the satin finish makes it that much different than other gold shimmers. Are you a Gwen Stefani/ No Doubt fan? Will you be picking up any of these polishes?

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