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Thursday, January 23, 2014

sally hansen complete salon manicure #csmtko

More nail polish! I apologize to those non-polish lovers it's just been a polish heavy kind of week. I do have some skin care posts coming up that should balance things out a bit. But, we're clearly still on the polish train so let's get to it. If you read many blogs you've probably seen an influx in Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure posts as they've recently partnered with Influenster. Read on!

From what I've seen, Influenster provided everyone with the same three shades- Jaded, Red My Lips and Pat on the Black. I'm of two minds about that... On one hand it's fair for everyone since we all got the same shades, but on the other hand, it's a bit redundant for readers as they're not going to want to see the same three shades over and over. Oh well, what can you do?

I've been a fan of Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure polishes for a while because they tend to have a great formula and I like the flat brush they have- it's not too big, but splays nicely to cover nails in one pass. That said, I don't think that the best shades were chosen for this Influenster campaign as the formulas were all over the place and not the best representation of the brand.

Jaded is a minty turquoise green shade that is super pretty but has a less than perfect formula. It's incredibly thin (think water) and sheer. It does build, but it took me four coats to get to full opacity. One benefit, is that the thinness helps all of the coats from being thick on the nail, but I can see a lot of ladies not wanting to deal with multiple coats. And, while this dries to a durable, shiny finish, it did take it's sweet time drying.

Red My Lips is a classic, blue based red with a jelly like finish. The jelly like formula made this apply sheerly as well and ended up requiring three coats to fully cover visible nail line. This is crazy shiny when dry and would be a great shade for layering.

Pat on the Black is a deep, blackened-plum. While it is very dark, the plum tones do show through and does not just read as black. The formula is what I've come to expect from the CSM line as it was creamy, pigmented and applied with ease. Two coats for perfect opacity.

Overall, I am a fan of Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure, but I can see new users not being completely satisfied with the formula- I'm looking at you specifically, Jaded. I think it should be noted that every brand of polish has troublesome shades and you can't judge the whole range based on one shade. Are you a Complete Salon Manicure fan? Any favourite shades? I look for Mermaid's Tale every time I pass by a display but still haven't been able to snag it.... Some day!

*Product provided for review from Influenster.

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