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Monday, February 17, 2014

Lancome Hightlighter Blush | 01 Rose Ballerine

Lancome Highligter Blush- Rose Ballerine (2)

Did you have a less than stellar Monday? Need a little cosmetic pick me up? One look at the new limited edition blush from Lancome will definately perk you up a little. The Lancome Highlighter Blush in Rose Ballerine is just that good. Read on for a peek!

Lancome Highligter Blush- Rose Ballerine (1)
Lancome Highligter Blush- Rose Ballerine (4)
Lancome Highligter Blush- Rose Ballerine (3)
Lancome Highligter Blush- Rose Ballerine (5)

'A brand new blush to bring a flush of pink to cheeks! Adorned with a fuchsia satin knot, its mirrored lid is reminiscent of studio mirrors. Inside, its silky-fine powder reveals a stylized Lancome rose crafted from intertwined ribbons. Its universal shade of subtle, soft pink works to refresh and illuminate every complexion.' - Lancome

If the bow on the compact didn't make your heart pitter patter... well, there might just be something wrong with you. It's cute, but not too cute and is the perfect accompaniment to the gorgeousness that waits inside. The rose... take a moment to take that in. I am a sucker for blush anytime, but decorate it or mold it into a shape and I'm done. I also get a bit nervous about using it, but luckily the texture of this is firm enough that it seems like the rose will stick around for quite awhile. 

As I just mentioned, the texture of this blush does feel fairly firm but it's also soft and finely milled. The firmer texture and the fact that the shade is sheer means this takes a layering to get the perfect flush- on my paler skin, I used two- but I love that it's the kind of blush that is nearly impossible to overdo. The shade is a natural, delicate, blush-pink with the lightest amount of shimmer that makes skin look healthy and radiant.

Overall, this is one gorgeous blush that any blush lover will want to have in their collection. Are you a blush fan? Will you be picking this up?

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