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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Mark | New for Spring 2014

mark spring 2014 juice gems, fab flora, chic frills

Spring makeup is in out in full force- soft pinks, floral themes and fresh glowing skin- it's a really welcome change from the cold, dreary, snow filled days. Of course, Spring brings flowers, pollen and all the sneezes... Still better than snow, no? For a super cute injection of Spring, Mark has a few new releases that are bound to get you in the mood for Spring- allergies or not!

mark chic frills powder blush

Let's just take a moment to look at that pattern... Lace isn't really my thing, but in blush form? I'm a fan. This large blush- the compact is large, and you're getting a lot weight wise too- is made up of two shades: a peachy pink and a glowing mauve pink. I say glowing because it has some shimmer, but it's completely refined and just gives skin a soft glow. When the shades are swirled together, you get a glowy peach-pink that makes for a natural, healthy looking flush.

I did notice that While the blush is named Chic Frills, it also has it's own shade name- Rosey Posey. Maybe there will be more shades introduced in up coming seasons... maybe?

mark blushb & bronzer brush (1)
mark blushb & bronzer brush (2)

 Obviously, you'll need something to apply your flush, but the Mark Blush & Bronzer Brush is not it. At least not for Chic Frills. Let me backtrack a moment. The brush itself is great, with it's flat cut top it works well for more precise application and buffing product onto the skin, it just doesn't work that well with the Chic Frills formula. This brush kicked up a fair amount of powder- mainly from the peachy-pink portion- which was something I didn't experience with a less densely packed brush. Good brush, just not for this product. Also, why does spell check hate the word bronzer?

mark spring 2014- juice gems cherry bomb and mango tango (1)
mark spring 2014- juice gems cherry bomb and mango tango (2)

mark spring 2014- juice gems old tube vs new tube
Mark Juice Gems High Shine Lip Gloss- new tube* (Cherry Bomb, 16ml ) vs old tube (Pomegranate, 15ml )

Onto lips! Mark has re-packaged their Juice Gems and changed up the colour/flavour/scent selection for Spring. As you can see above, the new packaging is long and slim with a re-designed angled tip. The gloss itself is pretty similar to the original formula, but I'd say it's a bit less tacky- which is always a welcome change. Not that the original was too sticky, I found it to be quite comfortable, the new formula has a more plush feeling on lips with a high shine finish and acutally feel like they add light hydration to lips.

Opacity varies between shades, with Chery Bomb having a sheer, slightly milky pink look on lips and Mango Tango having a sheer peach base with lightly frosted shimmer. I actually really love Mango Tango as the shimmer is gorgeous and catches light beautifully without being scary frosty or straight up glittery. While these don't have a taste, they do have a pretty strong fruity scent- the scent matches the shade namesake- as they are made with real fruit juice extract. I like the scent, as it's not artificial smelling at all and it kind of fun.

mark spring 2014- juice gems cherry bomb

mark spring 2014- juice gems mango tango (5)

mark chic frills and juice gems

mark flora fab makeup case

And the flower at the top of the tree (aka the cherry on top) is the cutest little makeup bag in the form of Mak Flora Fab Makeup Case. The dual pattern- with black and white chevrons on the bottom and a pink floral on the upper- is fun but not too girly or cutesy. I love that the bag has two compartments to help keep contents a bit organized and that the poly-cotton blend can be washed easily. A plus, as this is not a lined bag.

Overall, some cute yet super functional additions for your makeup bag this Spring. What do you think? Anything you need?

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