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Friday, February 21, 2014

NOTD | Swirled Blues ft. Born Pretty Store Water Decals

notd- swirled blues with born pretty nail decals (2)

I have a problem with nail art supplies... I hoard them. I only go for things that are easy, so I really have no excuses, I just never take the time to use anything. Plus, I'm easily impressed by a simple coat of well applied polish. Anyhow, I got to browsing online yesterday and felt inspired to root through my stash. I oped for a set of water decals and a few blues from China Glaze. Read on to see what I put together.

notd- swirled blues with born pretty nail decals (3)
notd- swirled blues with born pretty nail decals (4)
notd- swirled blues with born pretty nail decals (1)

The water decals I decided to use kind reminded me of water so I thought blues would be the way to go. While looking for China Glaze Electric Beat- a periwinkle-ish blue I found Sea Spray- a sea-foam blue hybrid, so I thought I'd add it into the mix on my thumbs and ring finger.

Once my base polish was completely dry, I set out to prep my decals. This was actually my first time using full nail decals, so I was a bit nervous, but they are so easy and pretty much fool proof. As long as you keep everything wet- the decals, your nails, your finger- you can maneuver decal into the perfect position without it wrinkling or breaking. Once you have it where you want it, pat it down with a bit of paper towel and then apply top coat. I didn't cut the decals down, so I had a fair bit of clean up and found it was actually easier to apply top coat first then use some acetone on a brush to clean up as it ensures a cleaner edge. The black of the decal stains skin a bit, so I also had to give my hands a thorough washing once everything was set to get the stubborn bits off.

Overall, I am really impressed with how well these turned out- and how easy they are to apply. It's inspired me to try and utilize more of my nail art supplies more often! Have you ever used nail art decals? What kind of nail art do you like best?

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