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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Tmart | 8 Piece Blue Handle Brush Set

Tmart 8 piece blush set blue handle (39)

I find it almost impossible to resist new makeup brushes. Can you ever really have too many? I tend to forget to wash my most used until I go to use them- I do spot clean, but that only gets you so far- so it's nice to know you have a backup or two or four. So, it only made sense that when I had the chance to try out this cute little brush set I couldn't pass it up. Hello, it's BLUE! I also swoon over coloured brushes- we all have enough black brushes, am I right?

Tmart 8 piece blush set blue handle (40)
Tmart 8 piece blush set blue handle (37)
Tmart 8 piece blush set blue handle (38)

This eight piece set is super cute! The baby blue shade is a welcome change- seriously, why is it so hard to find good quality brushes that aren't black? The handles of the brushes are the same blue shade as the cup, and have black ferrules. The handles and ferrules are both well made and well assembled, meaning they're not going to come apart after one wash. The inner part of the cup is plastic, while the outer is wrapped supple in faux leather. The cup attaches via two snaps on either side of the bottom half and closes securely making the set perfect for traveling.

Tmart 8 piece blush set blue handle (42)
Tmart 8 piece blush set blue handle (43)
Tmart 8 piece blush set blue handle (41)

I love that the set included pretty much everything you're going to need for a full face of makeup- they even remembered the much needed angled brush, because, as well an know, you just aren't done until you have your brows on. Along with the angled liner brush you also get a powder brush- not the largest, but it works well enough- blush brush, flat foundation brush, concealer brush, flat eyeshadow brush, lip brush and a fine eyeliner brush. All of the brushes are synthetic, save for the powder brush which is goat, meaning these work well for both powder and cream products.

Overall, this is a pretty amazing little set. The quality is amazing- wait, did I mention how soft these are? Because they are. They're silky and glorious! These are perfect to have for travel, as back-ups, or for someone just starting out. You definitely can't beat the price! What do you think of this set? Are you a fan of coloured brushes?

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