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Thursday, February 6, 2014

Yves Rocher Elixir 7.9 Complex

Today seems to be one of those days where I'm constantly moving, but nothing is getting done. Take this blog post- I started editing photos at 10:30 this morning, and it's now almost 4:30.The day went where? Oh well, I'm getting to it now, so that's something, right? Today we'll be chatting- well, I'll be chatting, you'll be reading- about the new Yves Rocher Elixir 7.9 range. Spoiler: it's pretty great!

If you're familiar with Yves Rocher skincare, you likely know they base everything on botanicals -Yves Rocher believes that botanicals are the greatest source of energy in the living world.     
That said, they've raided the pantry- so to speak- with the Elixir 7.9 Complex as it's packed with all sorts of skin loving extracts. Seriously, it's formulated with seven plants packed with anti-aging power and is recognized by nine patents (yes, nine!) Hence the 7.9 name.

The seven key ingredients:
  • Apple Oligosides- smooth wrinkles, boost radiance, and improves global skin function
  • Aphloia Extract- protects against environmental stressors
  • Beet Root Extract- protects against environmental stressors and dehydration
  • Tara Seed Extract- fights against sagging skin
  • Aloe Vera Polysides- strengthen protection and hydration, improves skin hydration and nutrition
  • Sandthorn Seed Extract- improves skins' volume, elasticity, and density
  • Green Rice Inositol- improves radiance and lets skin breathe

Sounds pretty good, right? While I don't have wrinkles just yet, and I don't specifically look for anti-aging skin care, I know I'm creeping up on 30 and sooner than later I'll want more substance from my skincare routine. The Elixir 7.9 Complex is perfect if you relate, as it's formulated to help you hold onto the qualities that make skin youthful and fight off the first signs of aging. I love that Yves Rocher didn't feed us the 'look ten years younger!' type campaigns, because I personally, do not want to have to deal with my teenage years again, but can definitely handle a little pre-ventative skincare action.

'More concentrated in botanical ingredients than regular skin cares, this is a powerful, highly effective serum with a light, penetrating texture.'

I've said in the past that I often find it difficult to know if my serum is doing anything, but this serum is different in the fact that you actually can feel/see results. From the first use my skin felt amazing- smoother than it would have been without it- and seemed to feel firmer, but most amazingly, it really did look more awake and revived. It has been a very long day, one that started with not enough sleep, so I was definitely not looking too perky before I applied this, so to see results was pretty awesome. I like that this serum absorbs so completely and quickly, meaning you can go on to the next step in your routine without having to wait.

This serum is housed in a weighty glass bottle with a cute little pipette to dispense with. I don't know why, but I get immense enjoyment out of a pipette. The serum itself is a milky gel like consistency with a light, fresh scent.   

'Thanks to its refreshing gel texture and the icy effect given by its metallic 3-bead applicator, your eyes are illuminated and your wrinkles smoothed.'

I find that metal, ball roller type dealies can be a bit gimmicky, but I'll take that statement back, because I quite like this one. When used in the morning, this just feels right! I don't get puffy eyes- which the cool feeling can help relieve- but I still like the cool feel of this eye gel. It helps look and feel more awake, as the gel has an illuminating quality that works to perk up tired eyes.

'The Youth Energy Care – Night works while you sleep to recharge your skin with youthful energy. Your skin enjoys a restorative rest while you sleep.'

Moisture.  No skincare rouitne is complete without it, and this one is pretty fab. First off, the package. You buy the pot, just like any other moisturizer, but unlike any other moisturizer, the inner compartment pops allowing you to pop in a replacement pod down the line. This saves you money (never a bad thing!) and you save on packaging. Plus- as if that wasn't awesome enough- Yves Rocher will plant a tree for every Elixir 7.9 Complex product sold.

Packaging aside, lets get to the contents. I was sent the Night Cream and a refill pod of the Day Care for Dry skin, but I'm going to focus on the night cream as I haven't dipped into the day cream. The night cream is straight up perfect! Yup, perfect. It has a whipped texture that sinks into skin beautifully. It hydrates well without being too heavy- no oil slick in the morning- and makes skin feel super smooth. Since using this I've found I don't need as much hydration for the day and my skin just feels so soft and touchable.

Overall, this is a really fabulous range. The Day Care is available also available in a normal-combination formula and a lotion version for sensitive skin, so everyone is covered. I love that the prices are quite competitive for an anti-aging line, making this a great option if you're just starting to incorporate anti-aging products into your routine. Do you use anti-aging products? What do you look for in your skincare?

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