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Monday, March 24, 2014

A England Ballerina Collection

It's Monday. I'm tired and ick feeling- a cold, maybe?- I'd like tea but am so not feeling the effort required to make it. What a whiner I am... It's not all bad news, I did get to spend a little time editing photos of the gorgeous holographics that make up the A England Ballerina Collection. It's a collection I initially decided I could live without. I obviously came to my senses and picked it up. Get ready to want it too!

A England Ballerina Collection- Encore Margot, Her Rose Adaigo, Fonteyn, and Dancing with Nureyev 13ml $13.50 

While it should be pretty obvious that this collection is based around ballet, it's specifically centered around Margot Fonteyn and her lifelong partner in dance Rudolf Nureyev. While the shades in this collection aren't obviously or stereotypically ballet shades- ie. soft, pale pink- they do have an ethereal and elegant nature that ties to the theme nicely.

As is the way with all A England shades, these polishes have an amazing formula that glides onto the nail in one- yes one!- or two coats. These are all scattered holos, but have a very strong flare, but aren't as particular in application as other polishes with prismatic finishes. These apply smoothly over any base- or bare nails even- and can be used with any top coat.

A England Ballerina Collection- Encore Margot

Encore Margot is a pale, icy blue-silver. The holographic effect is quite strong in and gives this delicate shade a really glowy lit from within quality. The formula is particularly amazing as it only needs one coat- ONE coat!

A England Ballerina Collection- Her Rose Adagio

Her Rose Adagio is a soft rose shade with neutral undertones. In some lights this reads as more of a rosey-taupe and is simply stunning! I love that this is soft and feminine without being a typical pink shade. The formula was a bit thinner but only required two coats.

A England Ballerina Collection- Fonteyn

Fonteyn is similar to Encore Margot, but is a lavender leaning silver as opposed to blue. The holographic effect in this shade is superb and is on the verge of being linear. The shade is one of those can't help but gaze at your own hands types as it is just so... glowy and perfect! It also happens to be another one coater.

A England Ballerina Collection- Dancing with Nureyev

Dancing with Nureyev is the lone deep shade in the collection and is a violet toned, cool blue. I don't think there is really too much that needs to be said about this shade... It has great colour play and the holo glows like a starry night. Two coats.

Overall, I am a huge fan of this collection! The shades are gorgeous with a formula to match. I've been trying to pin-point a favourite, but as I wear each shade I keep changing my mind, so just get them all. You won't be disappointed. Promise! I picked up my set from Nail Polish Canada (here) but there is a handy retailer list (here) if you're interested in purchasing elsewhere. Are you an A England fan? What do you think of this collection?

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