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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Avon Eye Dimensions Eyeshadow

Avon Eye Dimensions Eyeshadow (2)

When Avon releases new eyeshadows I have to two responses- 'Yay, new eyeshadows!' because, well, I like eyeshadows. 'Nuff said. And 'ugh, but they're Avon...' You see, Avon doesn't always have the best track record with eyeshadows. Sometimes they're awesome and sometimes... well, less than awesome. You know? I've been using the Avon Eye Dimension Eyeshadows and have to say there is absolutely nothing to worry about. These are pretty amazing!

Avon Eye Dimensions Eyeshadow (25)

The Eye Dimensions Eye Shadows are housed in small palettes but have been divided into elongated triangle shape pans to give them an angular look. Each palette has three shades with a variety of shadows textures in each palette. The bulk of the shadows are satins and shimmers, but there is one matte and one semi-matte. While I am quite impressed with the quality of the shadows overall, it would have been nice if they had put one matte in each palette in combination with the shimmers and satins.

The shades are all quite pigmented- two of the more glitter shades have a slightly firmer texture- and apply and blend beautifully. I found wear time to be great- although I do always use a primer- these wore a full day with only minimal fading. There can be a little fall out with some of the more shimmery shades, but it was less than I expected and it can easily be removed with your foundation brush. 

Avon Eye Dimensions Eyeshadow- Neutral Haze (1)

Neutral Haze is made up of a shimmery off white, a rosey-bronze satin and a deep brown with golden shimmer. I quite like this combo as it kind of reminds me of Neapolitan ice cream with the white, pink and brown!

Avon Eye Dimensions Eyeshadow- Sweetheart Plum (2)
Avon Eye Dimensions Eyeshadow- Sweetheart Plum (3)

Sweetheart Plum is made up of a pale, dusty lavender with fine silver shimmer and a semi matte finish, a golden violet shade with golden shimmer and a deep satin plum. This combination has become my favourite of the bunch beacuse the first two shades are just so perfect. The first pale shade is unlike anything I've ever seen before while the second shade reminds me a bit of Laura Mercier African Violet- a shade I've wanted for ages. I tend to borrow the brown shade from Neutral Haze to use in the crease though as it gives more contrast.

Avon Eye Dimensions Eyeshadow - Khaki Chic (3)
Avon Eye Dimensions Eyeshadow - Khaki Chic (4)

Khaki Chic is made up of a warm gold satin (so buttery!), a bronzey- chocolate brown with golden shimmer and a deep teal kissed hunter green with golden shimmer. I love the deep green shade as it's more complex than just deep green. A great combo for when you want something neutral-ish but with a bit of a twist.

Avon Eye Dimensions Eyeshadow- Sultry Smoke (2)
Avon Eye Dimensions Eyeshadow- Sultry Smoke (3)

Sultry Smoke is made up of a shimmery white glitter- this shades is a touch dry, and not as opaque as the other shades. A shimmery taupe (the spangliest taupe I've ever seen!) and an incredible matte black. The black shade is the only true matte out of these palettes, but has amazing pigmentation and applies better than most matte black shadows I've used in the past. I like that they've added a taupe in this combo, as it's that little bit different than the typical silver or grey shade normally in smokey combos.

wearing Avon Eye Dimensions Eyeshadow in Neutral Haze (2)
wearing Avon Eye Dimensions Eyeshadow in Neutral Haze (1)
Wearing Avon Eye Dimensions Eye Shadow in Neutral Haze

Overall, I really like these! I thought that these might end up being too shimmery/glittery, but once applied, they don't read as such. That said, those with drier lids, or more mature skin, or are just not fans of shimmery shadows likely won't appreciate them. Are you shimmer fan? Have you tried these? Thoughts?

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