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Friday, March 7, 2014

Make Up For Ever HD Pressed Powder

Make Up For Ever HD Pressed Powder (7) copy

I have a new obsession; and it's not what you're thinking... it's a font. Intro Inline *swoons*. I try to switch fonts up for photos, but I just can't stop using Intro. It's just so perfect! But, if you're not a typography fan, I do have something else that is pretty much perfect, and will make you look perfect- Make Up For Ever HD Pressed Powder. Read on!

Make Up For Ever HD Pressed Powder (4)
Make Up For Ever HD Pressed Powder (13)
Make Up For Ever HD Pressed Powder (14)

'Created specifically for HD technology, this talc-free professional touch-up powder is perfect for use throughout the day to reduce shine and slightly mattify skin. It adds a soft-focus, naturally radiant effect to blur imperfections, such as fine lines and pores, while remaining completely invisible to even the most magnified HD lens.' 

Powders aren't always the most interesting products, but oh baby, this is a good one! MUFE has recently released their popular loose setting powder as a pressed product- yay for less mess and portability! Firstly, it's colourless and applies invisibly on skin. I love a translucent powder as I usually don't want or need any extra coverage from my powder. This silky powder disappears on skin- and is formulated to do so on any skin tone. It doesn't leave any white cast or powdery look but it does minimize pores (can we all give a little hallelujah?) and gives skin a perfected look. I don't tend to get very oily throughout the day as my skin is usually a bit drier, so I can't say how well it mattifies, but this lasts well all day and does a great job setting products, especially under the eye. I find I need to set my concealer- most everything creases on me- and some powders just don't stick around or really set creamy products, but this does and looks completely natural.

Overall, I am a complete fan of this powder! The fact that it looks so natural on skin AND minimizes pores make it a HG (holy grail) powder for me. Thank you, MUFE! Have you tried this? What's your favourite powder?

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