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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Nail Polish Storage | Mini Edition

polish storage- mini edition anchor hocking 1 gallon jar

I love Pinterest- don't look at me like that, you probably do too. One of my favourite things about it is that there are so many easy things that make life easier, better, prettier... I could go on. I have seen some pretty ingenious things thanks to Pinterest. Anyway, I'm always on the hunt for cute storage ideas and have come to love the look of nail polish collections stored in big glass jars. The problem is, I have waaay too many polishes for that. It took me longer than I'd like to admit, but I eventually thought of a soultion- minis!

polish storage- mini edition (1)
The minis (and smaller bottled brands)

polish storage- mini edition (2)
polish storage- mini edition (4)

I have a love hate relationship with mini polishes. On one hand they're cute and a great way to try more shades, because let's face it, how many polishes have you ever finished? Exactly. On the other hand though, they're little and get lost amongst full size bottles making them hard to find and thus rarely used. The same can be said of brands with smaller bottles, like Esscence, Mary Kay and Maybelline.

The jar I found is an Anchor Hocking Heritage Hill 1 Gallon Storage Jar is pretty large- a 2 gallon version is also available, but I think it might end up being too big- and holds all of my minis and smalls with plenty of room to grow. I love the jar but it doesn't have any sort of seal on the lid, which means it's glass on glass and will require you to be fairly careful when applying and removing the lid to prevent chipping. 

Overall, I think this is a pretty cute way to store mini polishes! The jar sits on the back corner of my desk and adds a bit of extra colour and reminds me to use my minis more often. How do you store your polish? Are you a fan of minis?

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