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Friday, April 11, 2014

Lancome Lip Lover | 313 Rose Ballet

Lancome Lip Lover- 313 Rose Ballet (6)

Do you ever get to the point where you think you've got enough of a product? Like, lip gloss... how many does one person really need? You decide you're going to hold off buying any; enjoy what you have because, hey, it's just lip gloss right? Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. There can and is something better and it's the Lancome Lip Lover. Read on!

Lancome Lip Lover- 313 Rose Ballet (5)
Lancome Lip Lover- 313 Rose Ballet (2)
Lancome Lip Lover- 313 Rose Ballet (3)
Lancome Lip Lover- 313 Rose Ballet (1)

'Captivating color intensity combines with the hydration of a balm in this new three-in-one elixir formula. The balmy base provides up to eight hours of moisture while a smoothing layer reduces the appearance of fine lines and creates a dewy shine. Finally, the saturated pigments provide the ultimate in color pop.' - Lancome

Lip Lover is the newest addition to Lancome's In Love range. With Rouge In Love- the lipstick, Gloss In Love- the lip gloss, and Baume In Love- the lip balm, Lip Lover combines elements from all three. Lancome calls Lip Lover an all in one lip perfecter, which is the perfect title. Lip Lover has a balmy texture that feel light on lips with a little slip but no tackiness. Combine that with the shine of a gloss, and a truly hydrating formula and you've got one spectacular product. Oh, and the scent- this has light rosy-fruit scent. It's quite pleasant but light enough that I can't see it bothering anyone who isn't a fan of scented products. Many hybrid products hydrate well enough, but Lancome claims Lip Lover provides eight hours of moisture. To truly put this to the test I swapped it for my usual overnight lip balm. I was quite impressed when I woke up to find that Lip Lover had in fact lasted the night and hydrated my prone to dry lips.

The product comes housed in what looks like your average lip gloss tube, but it's just a little bit different as it has the same locking mechanism as Lancome's Gloss In Love. You press the little tab and it releases the tube with an addictive clicking sound. The applicator has an elongated arrow shape that works to cover lips in one swipe.

Lancome Lip Lover- 313 Rose Ballet (7)
Lancome Lip Lover- 313 Rose Ballet (8)

The Lip Lover range currently has twenty-one shades divided into two categories. The Creative Chic shades, which include the brighter, bolder, pop shades and the Basic Chic shades which include a range of staple shades ranging from pale pinks through to bolder corals. The shade that I have- 313 Rose Ballet is from the later and is a pale pink with light golden shimmer. This shade is sheer, but it gives lips a wash of colour and just enough shimmer to reflect light and give some added dimension.

Overall, I am in love with this! I have a feeling I'll be adding at least two more of these to my stash- I'm currently leaning towards 334 Corail Cabriole and 361 Violette Pirouette because how can you go wrong with a coral and bit of purple? Have you tried these? If you haven't you're going to want to!

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