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Friday, April 4, 2014

L'Oreal Sublime Sun Silky Sheer BB SPF 50 Face Lotion

Loreal Sublime Sun Silky Sheer BB Face SPF 50 (3) copy

It's not quite Spring here yet- there is a freezing rain warning currently in effect- but I'm playing oblivious and have been getting all Spring-y with my beauty and skincare. One change that I make come the warmer season, is upping my SPF factor. I wear it all year, but like to go for something higher than SPF 15-20 for Spring and Summer. It can be hard to find the right sunscreen for daily wear, especially if you want a higher SPF and don't want to break the bank, so I was pretty intrigued when I got wind of L'Oreal Sublime Sun Silky Sheer BB SPF 50 Face Lotion.

'Sun protection in ultra-light texture designed for face, with tint to even skin tone.
This product is oil-free, non-greasy, water resistance and won’t clog pores. It’s lightweight texture and matte finish make it ideal for everyday use.' - L'Oreal

L'Oreal Sublime Sun Silky Sheer BB SPF 50 Face Lotion is a thin, fluid lotion with a hint of tint- it looks fairly dark when first out of the bottle, but it is quite sheer. It's thin texture absorbs into skin quickly and cleanly leaving no evidence it's even there other than a sheer tint. I love that there is no waiting with this- it sinks in so quickly and doesn't leave any sort of film or tackiness.

As mentioned the tint is pretty sheer, but it's just enough to warm my complexion and even skin tone out a little. It's not going to replace a foundation or typical BB, but it does perfect a little bit which is perfect for the hottest days of Summer when less than less is all you can stand. That said, it does wear well under other bases too. I've been using this as my daily sunscreen for a few weeks and haven't had any issues with this and anything I've used over it. The fact that it absorbs into skin so well is a major plus there. There is little more annoying than a sunscreen that pills up when you apply foundation.

The product is housed in a convenient squeeze bottle with precision tip top. I like that the bottle is small making it perfect for travel and on the go use, but you've got to be careful the first few times you use it as the product flows out of the tip before you've even squeezed the bottle. BUT, you can always use the overflow on arms and legs.

Overall, I am a complete fan of this! I love that fact that it's got a higher SPF, doesn't break me out- the other common issue with sunscreens- and wears so well. Come the end of the Summer, I'll be picking up a backup to see me through the winter as well. What's your go to sunscreen? Have you tried this?

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