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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Mark. Spring 2014 Vol. 2

mark spring 2014

It's been a rainy dull day here, so it only seems appropriate to chat about some brighter Spring hued products, right? Mark. have been incredibly productive and released even more Spring themed goodies (see my other mark. Spring post here) including the mark. Blooming Pretty Highlighting Face Palette, Colour Swing Mix it up Eye Compact and Nail this Look Set. Read on!

mark blooming pretty highlighting face powder
mark blooming pretty highlighting face powder

'Embossed blooms pretty up this lovely powder palette, which delivers a touch of color plus the sheerest, softest glow. It's got just the right balance of brightness and warmth to rejuvenate your look with a sweet petal-soft finish.' - mark. 

Okay, how adorable is this?! Mark. has released quite a few cute patterned face powders and blushes, but this one might just be the cutest. That said, the yellow background does look a little scary, no? I wondered what it would do to the overall shade of the product, but it's nothing to fear. When you swirl a blush through all of the shades, you get a pretty, vivid pink blush with the slightest glowing quality. The shade doesn't have as much shimmer as I expected, and makes for a really great blush that gives a youthful flush which is perfectly Spring.

mark colour swing mix it up eye compact (2)
mark colour swing mix it up eye compact (3)
mark colour swing mix it up eye compact (1)

'Proof that things aren't always one sided: this ingenious palette, featuring three super-trendy bright shades on one side and three go-to neutral shades on the other! Silky, velvet texture glides on smoothly for all day wear.' - mark.

I love the idea of this palette as it combines the neutrals we all love, and some great brights that work well on their own or in combination with said neutrals. The palette houses three shades on one side and sides and flips to reveal three more. Neat, right?! You get a sunny, golden yellow,  a minty blue-green and a cobalt blue on the top and a pinky-beige, peachy-bronze, and chocolate brown on the bottom. The shadows are all shimmers and satins that are so buttery and smooth- they're seriously impressive! The brighter shades have softer pigmentation- which I quite like as it allows you to layer them if you don't want super bold brights while the neutrals are more intensely pigmented.

mark blooming pretty face powder and colour swing eye compact swatches

mark nail this look set (1)
mark  nail this look seafoam and sunsation nail lacquer

'Two coordinating, high-gloss shades to play with plus an ultra glam ring to match together so you can nail this look. Keep your fingers on the pulse of the latest trends - literally - with this must-have color and accessory kit.' - mark.

Last but not least, a little polish- literally- in the form of Seafoam a minty-turquoise shade and Sunsation a sunny, bright yellow. The polishes are both minis- and so cute!- but hold enough polish to do ten manicures with. Both shades had a great formula that applied in two easy coats. Yes, even the yellow! It was quite impressive. The set includes a wide gold tone and turquoise enamel ring with glass stones. It's too wide for my short fingers, but is quite cute and matches the polishes perfectly!

Overall, some fun additions to any makeup bag- honestly, who can resist the Blooming Pretty blush? Tried any of these products? Want to? Thoughts?

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