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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Mark. This is Big Body Building Mousse

mark this is big body building mousse (1)

I'm hair stupid. It's a sad truth, but it is just that- truth. I've got everything else figured out; well, for the most part, but when it comes to hair I'm still on the bunny hill. But, I have definitely upped my game in the past few months, as I've been bombarded with new hair products and took that as a sign. Plus, I got a pretty good chunk of hair cut off and there is nothing more motivating than a fresh cut. Anyhow, a product that I have really been enjoying is mark. This is Big Body Building Mousse.

mark this is big body building mousse (2)
mark this is big body building mousse (3)
mark this is big body building mousse (1)

Mousse is one of the few hair products I've used regularly in the past, so I didn't have to struggle too much to figure out how to work this into the product line up. I'll admit that I find a lot of hair products are just okay- they work fine but never really impress me, but with this mousse I have actually found it does do something for my hair. It gives hair a bit of texture- nothing too extreme, but just enough to help keep it full and voluminous while taming frizziness. I don't get true frizziness, but my hair can be quite fluffy when first washed. This works nicely to smooth it out a bit but not weight it down.

My hair is normal to thick-ish but the individual hair is fine, so I am always looking to boost the volume and this mousse works nicely to do just that. What I particularly love is that this works just as well when used on air dried hair as it does blow dried hair. I'm normally not much of a blow drier, but many voluminous products need heat to really get the full effect. Not only does this preform well sans-heat, it also makes a noticeable difference on second day hair. Yup. Amazing right?! I find that my hair is still thicker feeling and looking the second day when I've used this, which is pretty flipping amazing. Oh, and it comes in a big (literally, it's huge) ol' sparkly rose can. Can't go wrong with that either.

mark. hair to stay hair ties (2)
mark. hair to stay hair ties (1)

While my love of This is Big Body Building Mousse runs deep, I also love a good hair tie. I live by the motto of 'home is where the hair goes up and the bra comes off.' Okay, maybe that's not actually a motto, but I'm claiming it. Anyway, elastics, much like bobby pins, are one of those items that you buy all the time, yet they always disappear without a trace, so it's nice to have a stash on hand at all times. The mark. Hair to Stay Hair ties are not only handy, but are super cute. They also happen to be the new flat, ribbon style hair ties that tend to be more gentle on hair and leave less of an indent on hair.

Overall, I am a major fan of the mousse, and come on, how can you not like a cute hair tie? Currently the hair ties are free when you purchase the mousse if you're an American shopper, or half off the hair ties for Canadian shoppers. Figures, Canadians get the lesser deal, but still, not a bad little combo. Are you skilled in the hair department? What are your favourite styling products? Do tell, I can always use hair tips!

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