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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Mont Bleu Crystal Glass Nail Files & Accessories

Mont Bleu crystal glass nail files, tweezers, and compact mirror

It's unofficially Nail Thursday! Okay, that's not really a thing- but it could be...- but today happens to bring us two nail related posts. First up, a few gorgeous Crystal Glass Nail Files from Mont Bleu and a few extra goodies too. Read on!

Mont Bleu crystal glass nail files, tweezers, and compact mirror
Mont Bleu Crystal Glass Nail Files  (1)
Mont Bleu Crystal Glass Nail Files  (2)

I think it's safe to say, Mont Bleu is most famous for their glass nail files, and more specifically their Swarovski crystal embellished files. They're gorgeous, but better than that, they work. I avoided filing my nails for years- I hated the feel, and usually ended up making more of a mess than doing any good. While I eventually came around to filing, I didn't ever really enjoy it until I used a glass file- a Mont Bleu one to be exact. The files are the perfect grit that files easily if you need to remove a little length,  but doesn't shred your nails.

The files are available in a few different sizes and styles, but the two above are the full size (5.32 inches) and the mini  (3.55 inches.)The files come in a black velvet pouch, which protects them and makes them perfect to tuck into a makeup bag or purse- the mini is perfect for on the go and has saved me from more nail damage many times. You really can't go wrong with these files, they're gorgeous and work so well.

Mont Bleu Tweezers (1)
Mont Bleu Tweezers (2)

In the past, I have been burned on my tweezer purchases because I tend to go for style first and function second, but with the Mont Blue tweezers you get both. Firstly, how cute are the stones?! The tweezers are adorned on both sides with hand set Swarovski crystals. Secondly, the chrome tweezers are slanted and work well to pluck even the wee-little-bitty hair that some tweezers just can't grab.

Mont Bleu Compact Mirror Blue Flowers (2)
Mont Bleu Compact Mirror Blue Flowers (3)

And what do you need to tweeze them brows? A mirror of course. Mont Bleu has you covered there too. Because that segue wasn't too obvious... Anyhow, another gorgeous Swarovski crystal embellished item. The compact is a light weight, metal-look coated plastic. I initially wondered how well the finish would hold up, but my mirror has bounced around in my purse for a while and isn't scratched  or dinged, so it's definitely sturdier than it looks. The mirrors within the compact are standard and and magnifying, and are perfectly clear- no warped, cheap glass here. The compact comes in a sleek black gift box, making this a great gift- it would be perfect for up coming grads!

Mont Bleu Crystal Earrings  (2)

Last but not least, a little jewelry. Mont Blue also has a selection of crystal jewlery. When it comes to earrings, I am a stud fan, so these cute little cubed studs are perfect! Mine are violet, that flash icy shades of blue, pink, white and purple in the light, but there are also a bunch of other shades. The  The studs are the perfect size for everyday wear and have comfortable backs to keep them in place. Cute and comfortable, what else could you want?

Overall, I am a total fan of Mont Bleu products. The products are not only well priced, but are great quality and you really can't get a better glass nail file. Have you tried anything from Mont Bleu?

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