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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Nivea Creme | Celebrating Mother's Day Giveaway

Nivea Mother's Day- Nivea Creme (3)

With Mother's Day quickly approaching- this Sunday, not the next like I had been thinking- Nivea wants us all to think of mom and our own special mom memories. I think most women can list their mom as their very first beauty influence and have some memory of watching her apply skincare, makeup, fragrance or more specifically Nivea Creme.

Nivea Mother's Day- Nivea Creme (2)
Nivea Mother's Day- Nivea Creme (4)
Nivea Mother's Day- Nivea Creme (1)

While I do have memories of my mom applying various products, I couldn't quite remember if she ever used Nivea- sorry Nivea- but it turns out she did. Not only did she use Nivea Creme, it was one of my very first beauty products too. When I was small, my mom was a new stay at home mom and was not used to being at home all day. One of her hobbies while pregnant with me was walking- she didn't do well having nothing to do- so she would would bundle me up in my giant British pram and we'd walk for hours. Did Canadian winters stop her? Of course not! I'd be bundled to the extreme (as seen in one of the photos above) and for added protection would get a little Nivea Creme applied to protect my delicate skin from wind burn and the cold.

If you've never used Nivea Creme, it's a thick buttery moisturizer that can be used anywhere on the body to hydrate, heal and protect skin. It's more than just a moisturizer though as it can also be used as tattoo care, as a makeup remover, as a hair treatment, and as my mom used it, on babies as it is gentle  on all skin types. There's a reason it's been popular since 1911 after all.

In honour of moms, Nivea is giving 15,000 people two limited edition pots of Nivea Creme- one for you and one for a friend. To enter, simply head here and share your Nivea story. Do you have a favorite memory of your mom using beauty products? How do you use Nivea Creme?

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