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Sunday, May 4, 2014

OPI Summer 2014 | Little Bits of Neon Swatches

OPI Little Bits of Neon (5) 

While Spring is still in the midst of actually springing here, Summer products are slowly emerging, and you know what that means... NEONS! I'll admit that I'm not a devoted neon lover, but they can be totally cute and can make for an amazing Summer pedicure.  OPI typically only releases their neons in mini form, but this year they'll be available in full size for the first time ever. Of course, the minis are still on offer in the form of the OPI Little Bits of Neon set which is the perfect way to sample all six shades. Read on for swatches!

OPI Little Bits of Neon (2)
OPI Little Bits of Neon 3.75ml x6 $29.95 CAD 

OPI Little Bits of Neon minis vs OPI Alpine Snow
OPI Little Bits of Neon- Juice Bar Hopping, Life Gave Me Lemons, and You Are So Outta Lime
OPI Juice Bar Hopping*, Life Gave Me Lemons*, You Are So Outta Lime*

OPI Little Bits of Neon- Push & Pur-Pull, Hotter Than You Pink, and Down to the Core-Al
OPI Push & Pur-Pull*, Hotter Than You Pink*, and Down to the Core-Al*

Anyone who has used neon polishes knows they often need a white base for the best 'pop' and to give full opacity. Beceause of this, OPI has released a special white base coat- OPI Put a Coat On! but I don't have it, so I used a coat of OPI Alpine Snow under these for all of my swatches. With the white base coat, I found I only needed two coats for almost all of these. The only shade that needed a little extra polish was Push & Pur-Pull but more on that in a moment. The finish of these was fairly typical for neons as it wasn't fully glossy and more of a semi-matte, although it did differ a bit from shade to shade. The formula was spot on as it flowed easily, didn't streak and built to opaque with ease. I'd say these neons have the best formula out of all that I've tried.

OPI Neons- Juice Bar Hopping
OPI Juice Bar Hopping*

Juice Bar Hoppng is a super bright tangerine. The shade is really vivid and exactly what you'd want from a neon. Orange is not one of my favourite colours, but I can't help but love this. Two coats over OPI Alpine Snow.

OPI Neons- Life Gave Me Lemons (3)
OPI Life Gave Me Lemons*

Life Gave Me Lemons  is a vivid, green toned yellow shade. It's a softer bright than what I think of as being neon, but it's still vivid and saturated without that blinding brightness. I find the shade changes in different lighting and can look much more yellow or green depending on the situation. Two coats over OPI Alpine Snow.

OPI Neons- You Are So Outta Lime (2)
OPI You Are So Outta Lime*

You Are So Outta Lime is a vivid green shade that is to me, like a pale Kelly-lime blend. The shade has a minty feel as it also has a blue lean as well. It's a fairly unique shade, but not really a neon, but I love it. Two coats over OPI Alpine Snow.

OPI Neons- Push & Pur-Pull (5)
OPI Push & Pur-Pull*

Push & Pur-Pull is deep purple that makes me think of grape popsicles for some reason... The shade is saturated and vivid, but not exactly a neon. The formula of this shade was a little troublesome as it applied patchily and needed a third coat to even everything out. The patchiness in photos wasn't visible in person. The formula was a bit different in texture as well as it has a slight jelly like squishy-ness.  Three coats over OPI Alpine Snow.

OPI Neons-  Hotter Than You Pink (2)
OPI Hotter Than You Pink*

Hotter Than You Pink is a very bright hot pink with blue iridescent frost. For the lovers of super bright shades, this one is for you! Two coats over OPI Alpine Snow.

OPI Neons- Down to the Core-Al (3)
OPI Down to the Core-Al*

Down to the Core-Al is a vivid pinky-coral. The shade is a bit too orange in my photos, and leans a little more pink in person. Two coats over OPI Alpine Snow.

Overall, these are some really great shades! My favourites are Life Gave Me Lemons and You are so Outta Lime but for those looking for true, crazy brights you're going to want Juice Bar Hopping, Hotter Than You Pink and Down to the Core-Al. The shades are being added to the permanent line and will be available now. Are you a neon fan? Will you be picking up any of these shades?

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