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Friday, May 16, 2014

Revlon ColourStay ShadowLinks

REVLON shadowlinks eyeshadows (1)

Every time I have to post a product with the word 'colour' in the name I have an internal debate over how to spell it. As a non-American, colour spelled sans 'u' just looks wrong to my Canadian eyes, but my demographics inform me there are more of you Yanky-doodle-dandies than us hockey-loving-syrup- suckers reading- and no, it is not Kosher to use that term unless you are one- so you can see the struggle is real. In the case of today's post, featuring Revlon ColourStay ShadowLinks, the 'u' stays. Read on!

REVLON shadowlinks eyeshadows (3)
REVLON shadowlinks eyeshadows (4)
REVLON shadowlinks eyeshadow- interlocking sides

The idea behind Revlon ColourStay ShadowLinks is that you can snap the individual shadows together to create your own custom palettes without the need for a separate palette. The idea is great, and the shadows do in fact slide together easily, but these aren't without their issues. Most of the problem lies with the shadow itself (more on that in a moment.)

While the packaging is decent- plastic compacts that close securely and seem to be sturdy enough- the potential problem lies within the sliding/tongue-and-groove type system as it doesn't lock into place. I can see these not staying together if traveling with them or even if they're just jostling about in a makeup bag. A small thing, but worth mentioning.

As for the shadows themselves...The quality differs from shade to shade, and while not all shades are complete write-offs (from the four I've tried) the formula is very firm and dry across all four. I had issues with the shadow staying on my brush and staying on my lids, so it's best to use a primer and a damp brush to get the product onto your eye. Blending was also an issue as the shadow tends to stay put (oddly enough) once on the eye and is not keen on blending. If over blending is normally an issue for you, you might love these.

REVLON shadowlinks eyeshadow- oyster

Oyster is a frosty, pale white shade with just a slight beige tint. Revlon labels it as a metallic, but it applies more like a straight up glitter. The shade lacks much in terms of a base colour so it applies quite sheer and it very difficult to build up unless you use a wet brush and pack it on, but even then it is only semi-sheer at best.

REVLON shadowlinks eyeshadow- Candy

Candy is cool, medium pink pearl. While it still has a firm, dry texture, pigmentation is okay and easy to build up.

REVLON shadowlinks eyeshadow- Java

Java is a medium, chocolate brown satin (Revlon has it as a pearl) with fine golden shimmer. Same dry texture, but decent pigmentation, and it does build, but was the worst offender in the blending department.

REVLON shadowlinks eyeshadow- Eggplant

Eggplant is a blue based, deep purple shade with blue micro-glitter. Revlon calls this a satin, but it performs more like a matte. Eggplant was the worst shade to work with as it not only has a very dry texture, but you can also add weak pigmentation to the mix. This shade blended a bit better than Java, but is difficult to build up.

REVLON shadowlinks eyeshadow swatches- oyster, candy, java, eggplant
REVLON shadowlinks eyeshadows oyster, candy, java and eggplant on eyes

While these do have their... quirks, yeah, let's go with that, it's not impossible to get a great overall look if you are willing to work for it. For the look above, I primed my eyes and then added a wash of white ( I used a white gel liner, but any creamy white product would work) the white gives the shadow something to hold onto and allows the colours to pop better. I then used a bit of MAC Fix+ on my brush to help pick up the shadow and pack it on. I packed the shades on where I wanted them and went to town with a blending brush afterwards. The phrase 'blend, blend, blend' was invented for these shadows.

Overall, I like what I was able to create with these, but I won't rush out to pick up more shades. The fact that they are so inexpensive is great, but with sub-par quality, are you really saving much? I do suggest trying these before buying as there may be some great shades out of the current 30 available. Have you tried these? Thoughts?

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