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Monday, June 9, 2014

Ford Mustang By OPI Collection Swatches

ford mustang by opi collection swatches

I have to say I'm not much of a car person, but, as you may know, I am a nail polish person, so I did perk up when I got the info about OPI's newest collection for Ford Mustang to celebrate it's 50 year anniversary. My dad was always amazed at my knack for remembering nail polish names, but I was always impressed at the fact that he knew the slightest differences in cars. Like the difference between a 1968 from a 1967. How do people do that? When I see a car, it's just a car... Well, it's either a cute car or an ugly car, but that's about it. Anyway, the collection consists of six shades, of which I have three. Read on for a peek at 50 Years of Style, Race Red, and Queen of the Road!

OPI Ford Mustang Collection

'OPI announces the launch of six new limited edition nail lacquers in celebration of the 50th anniversary of an icon – the Ford Mustang. Ford Mustang by OPI features a sophisticated palette of red, gold, black, pink, white and aqua. Inspired by the Ford Mustang, these classic hues evoke passion, adventure, and excitement.

“Nail color, just like the car she drives, is the ultimate expression of a woman’s personality. Automobiles are synonymous with style, and there is a special kind of love affair between a woman and her car,” explains Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, OPI Co-Founder & Executive VP. “These lacquers celebrate a woman’s pursuit of excitement and invite OPI fans to accentuate their personal style and embrace their adventurous spirit through color!”' - OPI

ford mustang by opi collection swatches- race red

Race Red is a vivid red-orange. The shade is super pigmented- it's almost a one coater, but I used two out of habit- and has incredible shine. The shade really does look like the shade of red you'd see on a sports car.

ford mustang by opi collection swatches-50 years of style (2)
ford mustang by opi collection swatches-50 years of style (3)

50 Years of Style is a pale gold with a pearlized, metallic finish. This shade is prone to brushstrokes (boo!) but there is a technique that works to get rid of them. Apply a matte top coat over any streaky shade, then follow up with your normal topcoat and the streaks will vanish. I tried it with this shade and it worked perfectly. Two coats.

ford mustang by opi collection swatches - queen of the road (1)
ford mustang by opi collection swatches - queen of the road (2)

Queen of the Road is a really interesting colour as it's black, but black with a twist. The shade has an espresso brown undertone that can also lean deep green in certain lighting, along with a pearly shimmer. It's quite something in person, and unlike any shade in my collection. Two coats.

The collection will be available as of July 2014. I should note that the bottles will have a Mustang printed wrap on the caps, but they're not on my sample bottles. What do you think of this collection? Any shades you need?

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