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Friday, June 6, 2014

Smile Brilliant LED Tooth Whitening System

Smile Brilliant LED Tooth Whitening  (3)

White is a complex colour. It can be visually stunning, but it's a bitch to keep fresh and bright. Like white nails. When they're freshly painted, they're a thing of glory, but a few days in, and they're a dingy mess. Basically anything white can suffer from such atrocities, including our teeth oh-the-horror! There are a ton of options to keep teeth pearly-white, but the one I've been testing is the Smile Brilliant LED Tooth Whitening System. Wondering how well it works? Read on for my before and after!

Smile Brilliant LED Tooth Whitening  (4)
Smile Brilliant LED Tooth Whitening  (1)
Smile Brilliant LED Tooth Whitening  (2)

Tooth whitening scares me. Yup. Mainly because of my experience using tooth whitening strips and getting little out of it other than intense mouth pain. Not fun. BUT I decided to try once more because, who can resist a whiter smile? Luckily I didn't suffer at all when using the Smile Brilliant system, but more on that in a moment.

The Smile Brilliant LED Tooth Whitening system is incredibly easy to use as all you have to do is brush the whitening gel onto your teeth, pop in the tooth guard and place the LED accelerator into your mouth. You use the light for the first 20-40 minutes, then leave the guard and gel on teeth for the remaining 1-3 hours. The first time I used the system, it was straight up uncomfortable. I found that between the tooth guard and the LED light, I had too much in my mouth and felt a little gaggy- TMI? That said, I got used to it just fine and had no issues after my initial run.

The kit includes a LED Activator Light, a Whitening Gel Pen, a tooth guard, and an applicator brush. I didn't think I'd need the extra brush as the gel is housed in a click up pen, but it's kind of thick and gooey, making it hard to brush on from the pen. I found it was easier to use the extra brush as it had firmer bristles and distributed the gel much easier.

Smile Brilliant LED Tooth Whitening - Before (1)
 Before Smile Brilliant

Smile Brilliant LED Tooth Whitening - After
After using Smile Brilliant 

Starting off, I didn't think my teeth looked too bad. Of course, there was room for improvement, but still. I don't currently, or ever have, smoked, but I do drink tea and coffee and my fair share of blueberry smoothies- you did know they can stain teeth, right? When using the system, I started noticing results after my second use. I might have noticed after the first, had I done the whole length of time, but I was concerned about tooth sensitivity, so I only left the whitening gel on for the minimum amount of time. After my first use, I began to increase my whitening times, and never experienced any sensitivity, which is impressive considering how uncomfortable my other whitening experiences have been.

Overall, I am a fan of the Smile Brilliant system! I love that it's not only easy to use- I usually whiten while I'm doing my nails or taking blog photos- and it really does work quite well without being overly expensive either. Have you ever whitened your teeth? How was your experience?

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