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Friday, July 4, 2014

Avon CC Colour Corrector Cream & Pencil

avon cc cream and avon cc pencil (2)

You know you're reading a good book when all you're thinking about is getting back home to read it. I spent the bulk of today itching to get back to my book- this one if you're interested. Buuut, I have managed to pull myself away long enough to get to this post featuring Avon CC Colour Correcting Cream & Pencil. Read on!

avon cc cream and avon cc pencil (3)
avon cc cream and avon cc pencil (1)

I know must of us have reached a BB/CC threshold, but I can attest that this one is pretty good. For starters it has broad spectrum SPF 50 which is pretty outstanding, especially compared to the mere SPF 15 of Avon's BB cream. The CC cream has a rather fluid texture, but is still quite creamy. The formula is very hydrating- so much so that I can skip a moisturizer, which is something quite rare for me. The coverage is pretty light, but it does work nicely to even skin-tone and give skin an overall boost. This does include light-reflecting properties or 'pearls' as Avon calls them, in the form of very light shimmer. It doesn't read as shimmer, but does brighten the complexion and give a sheer glow.

While the coverage of this is quite light (something I've come to expect from most CC creams) this is still a good option if you're a fan of lighter bases as this works as a great moisturizer and primer in one.

avon cc cream and avon cc pencil (4)
avon cc cream and avon cc pencil (1)
avon cc cream and avon cc pencil (2)

While I like the CC cream, it gets even better when paired with Avon CC Pencil. The pencil is essentially a concealer in pencil form but it happens to be formula infused with licorice, white tea and vitamin C. Avon claims it can help fade the appearance of dark spots, but I really haven't found it to do much on that front. It doesn't phase me though, as this is a perfect accompaniment to the CC cream as it can easly be popped onto any areas that need a little more coverage. 

I like to apply this over the CC cream, as the pencil is creamy, but not so creamy that is slips of of the areas where you want it. The formula blends really well onto skin and provides light-medium coverage. I use the Light shade on my face but found it wasn't quite enough coverage under my eyes. But, in an a-ha moment, I applied the Medium shade first as a sort of corrector, and used Light over it and was very happy with the results. The formula works quite well when layered and sits nicely under eyes. Even when not set with powder, the CC pencil barely creased all day- and everything creases on my eyes.  

Overall, I don't think the CC Cream is for everyone. If you're into one step bases with high coverage you won't be impressed, but I like it for use with other products. I do happen to LOVE the CC Pencil. It's a fast way to cover areas that need a little extra something. Do you like light coverage products? Tried either of these? Thoughts? 

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