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Monday, July 14, 2014

Be Delectable Coconut & Cream and Lemon & Cream Trios

be delectable by cake beauty trio (1)

A small list of things that make life better:
  • Things that are cute.
  • Things that smell good.
  • ...
I do believe I mentioned that it was a small list. A third thing could be Cake Beauty because, I've yet to be disappointed by any of their products. Well, until Be Delectable came about but was only available in Target stores. I happen to live nowhere near a Target, but now I don't have to as the brand is now available at a few more locations and online from That's where I recently spotted the brand and jumped on the Be Delectable Trio in Coconut & Cream and Lemon & Cream. Read on!

be delectable by cake beauty trio (3)
be delectable by cake beauty trio (4)
be delectable by cake beauty coconut & cream lemon & cream trio

The Be Delectable product range products- body wash, body polish, body lotion, hand cream and body mist- available in four scents- Vanilla & Cream, Strawberry & Cream, Coconut & Cream, and Lemon & Cream. All products in the range also happen to be free of parabens, sodium chloride, phthalates, sodium lauryl sulfate, GMO's, mineral oil, petrolatum, gluten, triclosan. Not too shabby, right? They also happen to smell pretty amazing... but more on that in a moment.

I didn't know where to start, so the Trios seemed like the best way to sample a bit of this and that as they contain everything ( except the body polish, unfortunately, and hand cream) in try-me sizes. The Trios come packaged in the cutest cupcake themed boxes which make them perfect for gift giving, as who can resist cupcake themed anything?

be delectable by cake beauty trio coconut & cream trio

Anyone who loves coconut knows how wrong it can be in products. Strike that from your memory because the Be Delectable Coconut & Cream scent is pretty much perfect! It's coconutty and sweet (but not too sweet) with a creaminess that makes you feel like you might just be applying something totally edible.

be delectable by cake beauty lemon & cream trio

Lemon scented products aren't usually my first choice, but I've been a long time fan of the now discontinued Cake Satin Sugar Hair & Body Mist which had a lemon cake scent so I had to try this. I must say, it was worth the risk as this has a scent that is almost as great a fresh batch of lemon curd- tangy fresh lemon, with creamy sweetness. It's fresh and sweet and doesn't have the slightest bit of artificial-ness. Today that can be a word... Okay?

As for the products themselves, the formulas seem to be the same we've come to know and love from Cake- the body wash lathers beautifully and leaves skin clean and hydrated (and smelling oh-so-good.) The body lotion- triple moisture as it's formulated with coconut oil, shea butter, and aloe vera- sinks into to dry skin with ease, and the hair and body mist, well it leaves skin not only scented but feeling fresh and lightly hydrated. On hair, it's a nice refresher after a mid-day brush.

Overall, I'm a total fan of this range and will of course need to add a few Strawberry & Cream and Vanilla & Cream products to my stash. Be Delectable is available in the US at Kohl's and in Canada at Target, Loblaws, Rexall, Pharmasave and online from Want $10 off your first order of $40? Of course you do, use code bedelectable (good until Sept.12, 2014) Have you tried anything from the brand? Which scent would you go for?

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