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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Nail HQ Growth Treatment & Ridge Filler

nail hq growth treatment and ridge filler (2)

I'm pretty rough on my nails. Sure, I try not to be, it's just that they're so convenient, what with them being right there on the end of ones fingers. I've narrowed down my nail atrocities to two main forces. Half the damage is from me trying to get through packing tape- it's sticky and never tears where you need it to- and the other half is usually from me picking at chipped/peeling nail polish and end with thin, delicate nails. While a fresh coat of polish can hide some of the damage, it's better to actually do something about it. That's where Nail HQ comes into play, specifically Nail HQ Growth Treatment and Ridge Filler.

nail hq growth treatment and ridge filler (2)
nail hq growth treatment and ridge filler (3)

Of the two Nail HQ products I've tried- the range includes pretty much everything your nails might need- the Growth Treatment is the do it all solution for just about anyone. The formula is technically for aiding in the growth of brittle nails, but it really can be used by anyone looking to give their nails an added nutrient boost. Who doesn't want stronger, healthier nails? 

While the formula- which includes Biotin, Vitamins A and D, and other complexes formulated to aid in moisture retention and to regulate nail growth- is designed for growth, I can't really speak to it's effectiveness as I have never had an issue growing my nails. If anything I wouldn't mind if they grew a little slower. Where I do have misgivings is in nail health. From time to time- usually because of my own bad habits- can be prone to peeling which makes nail thin and easily broken. I started using this treatment during one of such times and was amazed at how well this protected my nails from further damage and how quickly the damage was reversed. My nails not only recovered faster, but they also seemed stronger- like they were more durable and much less likely to break. Can't beat that, right?!

nail hq ridge filler (2)

Nail HQ Ridge Filler wasn't something I thought would really be for me, as I don't tend to have an issue with ridged nails. Of course, I was going to try it out anyway, and I'm so glad I did because it's ended up being my favourite base coat. While the Growth Treatment can be used as a base coat under polish- I didn't find it to effect polish wear in any way- the Ridge Filler is even better. While I like to reach for a ridge filler if I'm going to be using a metallic polish or something I know has a thin formula, I've been using this under everything as it gives the smoothest base. Polish glides over it beautifully! On top of creating the smoothest base, ever, the Ridge Filler is formulated for weak and thin nails, meaning it acts as treatment as well. Formulated with hydrating and conditioning agents it helps nails retain flexibility, regulate growth and improve polish wear time.

While the Growth Treatment is almost clear on nails- it does give the slightest pink tint to make nails appear healthy and strong- the Ridge Filler has a sheer, milky, lavender-pink hue that looks quite pretty. I like to wear the Ridge Filler on it's own if I'm gong to go a few days between manicures as it treats and protects my nails all while adding a hint of colour and great shine.

Overall, I'm a total fan of both of these products. Do you use nail treatments? What are your faves? Tried either of these?

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