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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Optimera Day & Night Cream

optimera day and night cream

As much as I love skincare, there are times when I loose my excitement for new products. You know? It's like, what can be done that hasn't already been done, and who is going to come make my bathroom bigger so I can fit everything in? I might have been thinking something like that when I started using Optimera Day & Night Cream, but then I started seeing results and was much happier about the future of skincare. Read on for more info!

optimera day and night cream
optimera day cream (2)
optimera day cream (1)
optimera night cream (2)
optimera night cream (1)

Optimera Day & Night Cream are hailed as all in-one type products that work to 'dramatically reduce(s) the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, discoloration, uneven skin texture, enlarged pores and aging or loose skin, without the use of harmful ingredients.' Now can take a moment to go over the fact that no product will change your pore size? Because it can't. Okay, let's continue on. The formula is botanically based and features the exclusive SAL-14 extract. The SAL-14 extract is a  combination of various botanicals, including Bidens Pilosa, which is organically harvested in Brazil.

Getting past all that sceincey stuff, which is fine and dandy, but what we all really want to know is  does it work? Yes and no. Yes in the fact that both the Day and Night Cream are great moisturizers that provide the perfect amount of hydration for my usually dehydrated skin. I often find anti-aging night creams to be too rich, leaving me oily and breakout prone, but this night cream has a drier feeling texture- think silicone primer type feel, but creamier- that absorbs very quickly and completely without the typical heaviness. The Day Cream has a lighter texture that takes a moment longer to absorb, but leaves skin instantly smoother and nicely hydrated.

The no aspect, for me, is that these creams didn't dramatically change my skin. Now, that said, I am very happy with the results I've seen since using these products, but they are in no way dramatic. When I first started using the Day and Night Cream my skin was not in it's usual state as I was on the back end of a rather bad (and not usual for my skin) breakout. My skin overall needed a bit of TLC to come back from the breakout and the harsher acne type products I'd been using to combat all the ick going on on my face. That said, I was very pleased with how nicely these creams worked to even out my skin texture- my skin feels amazing and is super smooth and soft, ease dullness, and refine the look and feel of skin overall. I didn't find that these did much to even out skin tone or reduce skin discolouration however, nor did I find my skin to be any firmer or toned.

Overall, these are great moisturizers. I especially love their pump bottles as you don't have to go dipping into everything- oh, and the cute little leaf stoppers to keep the product from drying in the spout. But (could you tell there was a but coming?) they're very pricey products- waaay out of my budget- and I can get similar results with other products. When it comes to skincare are you willing to splurge on luxury products? Would you, or have you tried Optimera? Thoughts?

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