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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Avon Metallic Effects Nail Enamel

avon metallic effects nail enamel

It's been a while since we've seen a new polish collection from Avon, but for Fall they have not one, but two that are quite promising. One being Stardust polishes, which are multi-textured glitters (expect swatches soon!) and Metallic Effects, a five piece collection of chrome like shimmers. Read on to see Icy Purple, Copper Gleam and Jade Reflections.

'Get in on the hot trend: fabulous foil-look nails! Gorgeous enamel delivers even, streak-free application and a metallic finish that resists chipping.' - Avon

Okay, I think I know what you're thinking- chromes = brush strokes and or streaks. I totally do when I think of chromes, so I won't waste time. Yes. These do suffer from some brush stroke issues, but they're all one coaters. Yup, one coat! Now, the brush strokes aren't too terrible when you apply carefully, and they're not too visible in person. Some shades are worse than others (Icy Purple, I'm looking at you) but there is an easy technique to erase brush strokes. I read about it some time ago, but never had a chance to try it out, until now. But, I'll get to that after the swatches.

avon mettalic effects- icy purple (3)

Icy Purple is a medium-pale purple with a slightly frosty, chrome finish. This shade shows brush strokes the most, but in person actually looks pretty decent. One coat.

avon mettalic effects- copper gleam (1)

Copper Gleam is a bronzey-copper chrome that leans a slightly rose gold depending on the light. The shade is so gorgeous in person, and had the least brush strokes of the three shades. One coat.

avon mettalic effects- jade reflection (2)

Jade Reflection is a medium-deep forest green with a silvery shift. Again, one coat and some visible brush strokes.

avon metallic effects banish brush strokes
Banish Brush Strokes 

Okay, what you really want to know- how to banish brush strokes. I've shared the other tip I picked up quite some time ago, where you use a sponge (eyeshadow applicators work well) stippled on wet polish then apply top coat. It works well most of the time, but every so often I find it just doesn't look that great. The newest tip I stumbled upon is to apply a coat of matte top coat ( I used Essie Matte About You) which blurs almost every brush stroke as soon as it dries. I quite liked the look of these matte, but to get the chrome effect back, I added top coat (I used Orly In a Snap) and voila! Nearly every brush stroke is gone. I did find that this technique dulled some of the mirror shine that these have right out of the bottle, so I think I'd just deal with the brush strokes, as they really do look decent when seen in person at a normal distance.

Overall, I quit like Copper Gleam and Jade Reflection. The collection also includes a silver- Platinum Petal, and a gold- Gold Leaf. These are a great option if you've been hankering for Deborah Lippmann's New York Marquee Collection, but aren't a fan of DL prices. Are you a chrome polish fan? What do you think of these? Need them or skip them?

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