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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Avon Super Shock Brights Mascara & Electric Lip Gloss

avon electric lip gloss and super shock brights mascara

Today is just one of those days... the kind where snuggling up with a good book, a cat, and a cup of tea is almost too appealing. It's been quite cool and rainy here and has me hankering for Fall weather, although it probably isn't such a good idea to jinx an early Canadian Fall as they tend to lead to an early Canadian Winter, and nobody wants that. Anyway, enough about Fall, it's still the season for brights, and Avon has brought us just that with two new, limited edition launches- Avon Super Shock Brights Mascara and Avon Electric Lip Gloss. Read on!

avon super shock brights mascara  (1)
avon super shock brights mascara  (2)
Avon Super Shock Brights Mascara- Emerald Shock*, Violet Shock*, and Royal Shock* 10g $7 USD / $9.99 CAD

Coloured mascara is something that is often better in theory than in application, but Avon Super Shock Brights are so good! Yes, so good! If you've been eying the much more expensive designer options, but aren't so sure about shelling out that kind of cash on a coloured mascara, these are the perfect choice. In bold but wearable shades of green, purple, blue these mascaras give a great pop of colour on even the darkest lashes, but also work well as a mascara. What do I mean by that? Well, in my experience, coloured mascaras often lack much oomph in terms of volumizing and lengthening, but the Super Shock formula does both.

avon super shock brights mascara- emerald shock
Avon Super Shock Brights Mascara- Emerald Shock*

avon super shock brights mascara- violet shock
Avon Super Shock Brights Mascara- Violet Shock*

avon super shock brights mascara- royal shock
Avon Super Shock Brights Mascara- Royal Shock* 

As you can see, the colours are beautiful- Royal is my personal favourite- but the mascara itself is also impressive. It applies wonderfully, as the formula is pretty much impervious to clumping so you can really load it on to get the most length and really build up the colour. I find that these mascaras wear well all day and don't flake, smudge or budge and remove easily with any remover as they are water-based.

avon electric lip gloss (2)
avon electric lip gloss (1)
avon electric lip gloss- flashy, chill, and irresponsible
Avon Electric Lip Gloss- Flashy*, Chill*, Irresponsible* 6ml $6 USD / $8 CAD

Moving on to lips, we've got Avon Electric Lip Gloss which look bold and bright in the tube, but give a pretty much clear effect on the lips. Of the four shades released, I have three- I'm missing Flirt a pink shade. Flashy is a yellow with shimmer, Chill is a blue with shimmer, and Irresponsible is a purple with no shimmer. The glosses give a nice effect on lips, although the shimmer in Flashy and Chill isn't very apparent, they're shiny and have a great, only mildy tacky texture. They have a light vanilla or caramel type sweet scent that is quite nice.

While these don't give any colour on their own, I can't help but wonder if Chill (the blue shade) has the ability to neutralize yellow tones in teeth, making them appear whiter, like this option... Maybe? I quite like these glosses with lipstick as I find the texture wears well and doesn't have too much slip and sticks around well (about 2-3 hours.)

Overall, the mascaras are a complete must! I love that they give a little colour but aren't too much. I like to pair them with an otherwise neutral look for a little extra something. Are you a fan of coloured mascara? Tried these? Thoughts?

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