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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Firmoo Review | Style #F038

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I swear I got an early start blogging today... Okay, so early isn't the best word, but I was on schedule to get quite a lot done this evening until the sky darkened and then made some pretty threatening noises and everything went kaput. So, I got a bit of a break. Now that the life-force- wifi, that is- is back I can get onto these glorious new glasses from Firmoo. Read on for a closer look!

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Choosing new frames is usually pretty difficult as I always try to go for something a little different than what I currently have. This time around though, I ended up choosing one of the first pairs I saw. It was love at first sight.

Style #F038 are what I think of as being the lovechild of two classic shapes- Wayfarer and cat eye. The frames have the sturdy, strong looking, yet stylish Wayfarer elements, but the outer corners flare up while the center dips down to give the frames a little more femininity and flare. While black is always classic, these have a little extra something as the arms have a retro-ish, abstract type floral print. The design is slighty muted, so it isn't overbearing, but these frames something unique.

Much like my last Firmoo frames (these bad boys) these fit remarkably well with no adjustments whatsoever. While the lenses are a medium-large size, these sit well on the nose and don't tend to slip much at all. There is little worse than cute glasses that refuse to stay on your face or feel too large through the sides.

Overall, I love these glasses! As I mentioned in other Firmoo reviews, the ordering process is incredibly simple on the Firmoo site and shipping is quite quick. Glasses come with a hard case, a soft case, cleaning cloth, and mini screwdriver, which is super handy a plastic frames relax over time and wear and require tightening from time to time. Do you wear glasses? Like these? Thoughts?

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